The rFactor 2 Mods Guide

The rFactor 2 Mods Guide
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 24, 2021

Did you know that you could get dozens of rFactor 2 car and tracks mods?

Gone are the days were you’ll feel stuck and bored using always the same content.

Having a wide range of content to choose from is a must have in any sim racing game.

rFactor 2 is a great sim and features an active community that is still doing their best to create new mods all the time.

In this article we’re gonna get an in depth look of how to get mods in RF2, but firts let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Does rFactor 2 have mods?

Yes, of course it does.

You’ll be able to access dozens of different mods throught the Steam platform.

Does rFactor 2 have mods?

There’s so many different cars and tracks mods that you will get ton of value out of tehm.

If you’re serious about sim racing, I’m sure you already know that this is a complete gamechanger.

How do I install Rfactor mods on Steam?

So in order to install mods on Steam you wil need to follow this path:

Steam Library -> rFactor 2 -> rf2mods (folder) -> content -> mods.

The main way for downloding mods via Steem is by using the Steam Workshop.

By using that all your downloads and uploads will be automated and won’t require you so much time to set everything up.

How do I add mods to rFactor 2?

As just mentioned, I’d higly recommend you to using Steam for uploding and adding mods to rFactor 2 since it will be easier and take little time.

How do I add mods to rFactor 2?

Otherwise you could be doing it manually but it will require you exporting the Zip file and then pasting it to the appropriate car/track rFactor 2 subfolder.

If you’re not really a techy, I’d recommend you doing in the first way using Steam.

What mods can I add to RF2?

You could add many different car mods incluing DTM, Indycars and many other famous stock cars.

In addition there’ also a bunch of different tracks mods that you can add such as Imola, Interlagos and many more.

Are there F1 mods for rFactor 2?

There’s an F1 mod from 2019 which despite not being very recent, I’d highly recommend you trying it.

Here’s the link to download it from the Steam platform.

That’s the closest it can get to a current F1 car I was able to find so far.

Are there F1 mods for rFactor 2?

But don’t worry, there will probably be an official F1 mod for rFactor 2 in the near future.

Is there any limit on how many car and track mods you could add?

No, there is absolutely no limits.

So go ahead and start adding more mods to your sim racing RF2 collection.

Keep in mind that it’s more than normal to have your gaming PC slowing a bit down because of such a large amount of files.

The good news about rFactor 2 is that the game features an advanced multi-threaded CPU usage so it won’t slow down too much.

Time to wrap up:

That’s pretty much it.

Hope you’ll be able to find and download your favorite rFactor 2 mods.

Remember that there’s a lot of different mods that you could download for free or for a small fee using the Steam workshop.

You’ll be able to choose between dozens upon dozens of mods.

You can add cars, tracks and even tracks with night skies.

Here’s the complete and updated list of rFactor 2 tracks in case you were interestd!

And if you’re a total beginner, check out how to get started with sim racing in 2022!

This has been a complete guide about adding rFactor 2 mods on Steam, but if you have any questions let me know by sending me an email at

As always, happy sim racing! 🙂

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