The Complete iRacing Sprint Cars List

The Complete iRacing Sprint Cars List
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 24, 2021

Did you know that there are up to 6 different Sprint Cars on iRacing to choose from?

That might not sound as a lot, but believe it or not, that’s more than enough if you’ll be serious at mastering each and one of those.

They in fact all come with some slight difference that you’ll have to adapt your driving style to.

Before listing all the cars let’s first briefly reply a couple of frequently asked questions.

Does iRacing have sprint cars?

Well, of course it does! Otherwise we wouldn’t be writing this article. 😉

I know it might be confusing since they don’t really have a category of their own inside the iRacing official store.

In fact they are bundled together with other cars in the “dirt cars” category which might create some confusion since there’s not a clear “sprint cars” section.

How many sprint cars are there in iRacing?

There are 6 of them, each with unique characteristics that you’ll have to learn if you’d really wanna master them.

Now that the basics are covered let’s move on to the actual list of cars.

Here’s the Sprint Cars list:

world of outlaws iracing sprint car

You can ave an in depth look at each car by visiting the iRacing car section and scrolling to the bottom at the “Dirt track” section.

  • World of Outlaws 410
  • DIRTcar 360
  • DIRTcar 305
  • USAC 360
  • USAC 410
  • iRacing Sprint car

Honestly, these cars are beasts.

They each have unique features that will completely change how you’ll drive them.

It’s not an easy task learning to master each of these cars, but it’s also very reawarding once you do.

It just takes some dedication and will to learn which car fits your driving style the best.

How much is a sprint car on iRacing?

If you’re serious about it and wanted to really wanted to get yourself into sprint cars, then it’s gonna cost you around $11.99 each.

In fact unfortunately iRacing doesn’t provide any sprint car for free when you sign up to the membership.

That’s a bit of shame even though making that little extra monetary commitmnent is truly worth it in my opinion.

You can find plenty of other free cars on iRacing by visiting our detailed guide.

How do I drive a sprint car on iRacing?

So sprint cars are a bit tricky to drive for most of you Nascars and Indycars sim racers.

That’s because being quite small, having less downforce and very soft suspension means you’ll have to adapt your driving style quite a lot.

Considering that the Top speed isn’t that high, you’ll then be able to brake much later into the corner since braking zones are normally shorter.

On the other hand you’ll be able to get on throttle quite soon since that will help you handling the wheelspin and drifting.

Time to wrap up:

Which Sprint car would you pick then?

To be honest it really depends on your personal preference.

Every car has its own unique features that might just fit you’re driving style perfectly.

Don’t believe that?

Give them a try and you’ll be amazed to see how different they feel in comparison to each other.

Hope this quick guide was useful for you.

If’you ve got any questions feel free to reach us out via email at

As always, happy sim racing! 🙂

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