iRacing System Requirements Guide: Can I Run it?

iRacing System Requirements Guide: Can I Run it?
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
February 2, 2022

So you’re probably thinking to get started with iRacing but were wondering which kind of system requirements you needed to run the software?

Then look no further since this guide will detail exactly that information for you.

iRacing is a subscription-based racing simulation that features some of the most realistic racing you will ever experience in your life.

Most sim drivers consider iRacing the best platform for professional racing together with Assetto Corsa nad ACC,.

There are even dedicated forums on which members can chat with fellow iRacing enthusiasts non stop.

But before starting out the big question always is: Can I run it on PC, PS5, Mac, Linux etc…?

What’s the OS system requirment to run iRacing?

What's the OS system requirment to run iRacing?

Operating System Requirements

  • Minimum: Windows 8.1 64 Bit
  • Recommended: Windows 10 64 Bit

What are the CPU requirements to run iRacing?

  • Minimum: 4 Cores
  • Recommended: 6 Cores

What graphics card do you need for iRacing?

In order to run iRacing you’ll need a gaming graphics card with dedicated memory (vRAM) required starting from 2GB all the way up to 6GB for even better performance.

What graphics card do you need for iRacing?

  • Minimum: 2GB Dedicated vRAM
  • Recommended: 6GB Dedicated vRAM

How much free storage is required to run iRacing?

  • Minimum: 25GB
  • Recommended: 50GB

How much RAM do you need for iRacing?

  • Minimum: 16GB
  • Recommended: 16GB
  • High End: 32+GB

What internet browser you need to run iRacing?

Google Chrome or Firefox should be your choice for running iRacing.

Can I play iRacing with Joystick?

Well, theoreticlally yes you can.

You could play the game with a gamepad or joystick and still enjoy it.

But to level up and completely change your driving experience we recommend getting a proper racing wheel and pedals.

Even if you’re not new to sim racing we still recommend having at least a basic sim racing setup with a steering wheel, a driving seat and a set of pedals.

That’s because you’ll be able to experience the game in a completely different way!

Don’t get us wrong, you can still fully enjoy iRacing even without a proper setup but you’ll be certainly missing out on a lot of fun.

  • Minimum reuirements: Analog game pad, joystick, mouse.
  • Recommended: Racing Steering wheel & pedals set.

Can iRacing run on 8GB RAM?

Unfortunately not.

Can iRacing run on 8GB RAM?

16 GB RAM is the bare minimum requirement to run iRacing. You’ll need at least 16GB if you want to experience the game in high graphics.

Can you use VR in iRacing?

Actually yes! iRacing is compatible with some of the most popular VR headsets including models from Oculus and HTC.

The great thing about racing in VR headsets is that it literally put you in the drivers seat and provide an incredibly immersive online racing experience.

Racing in VR is getting more and more popualr these days and is a great way to be more immersed into the iRacing environment.

Occasionaly there are even some VR specific events that are hosted on iRacing so make sure to check them out on their website.

Does iRacing run on Linux?

Unfortunately for Linux users iRacing is currently available for Windows PC only, therefore It is not yet available for Linux.

That’s a shame for Linux gamers but most probably they can still play iRacing on their platform with a virtual machine.

Can iRacing run on Mac?

iRacing is currently available for WIndows PC only, It is not available for Mac.

To wrap up:

So here were the system requirements to comfortably run iRacing on your Windows PC.

Unless you want your online races to be laggy and unplayable you will need to upgrade your PC specs to match the recommended system requirements.

But if you have a enough of a powerful gaming rig, don’t forget to get yourself some racing pedals too.

iRacing also has great graphics, good performance and a wide variety of tracks and cars, therefore it is definitely a game you’re going to enjoy and cherish for years!

Remember that also having the right steering wheel is the key to enjoying iRacing to the next level so check out our wheel guide HERE for more information on steering wheel options.

I hope this guide helps.

Happy sim racing! 🙂

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