Raceroom vs Assetto Corsa: Which is Better in 2024?

Raceroom vs assetto corsa
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 13, 2021

Choosing the right sim racing software can be really frustrating, especially when there are so many available choices on the market in 2022.

In this quick guide, we will compare Raceroom and Assetto Corsa to see which one is the better choice for sim racers.

We will go through some of the most frequently asked questions that come up when people look for the ideal sim racing game to choose.

Raceroom vs Assetto Corsa: Which is Better in 2024?

I’m so excited to share my experience to help you choose the best sim racing software for your needs!

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • Driving realism and feeling of immersion
  • Variety of cars & tracks
  • Graphics quality & sound quality
  • Car handling & stability
  • Device Compatibility
  • Laser scanned tracks
  • Online multiplayer
  • Prices and Download

So let’s now get started with our in-depth comparison guide.

How realistic is it to drive?

If you are new to sim racing, you may not have heard much about Raceroom, which is a shame as it is a really great racing software.

While it is weird that Raceroom is not more popular, we can assure you that it is a realistic racing sim racing game that involves a lot of technicalities and skills to race in.

As for its strong features, Raceroom has one of the most immersive sound quality you can find compared to any other sim racing games in the world, which makes it much more realistic to drive!

How realistic is it to drive?

Assetto Corsa is no different from Raceroom.

As one of the most popular simulations that is often used by real life racers, driving in Assetto Corsa really feels like you are driving a real life racing car.

Moreover, additional elements such as the change in weathers contributes a lot in making Assetto Corsa one of the most realistic racing software to drive in.

Variety of cars and tracks

Starting with Raceroom, there are 187 cars that you can choose from, but only 12 cars will be available for free and the rest will be available after additional purchases.

Out of those cars, you can find a wide variety of options from some of the world’s elite car manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, etc.

Did you know that even even the DTM series is hosted on Raceroom?!

Variety of cars and tracks

We have to say that the exterior details of the cars in Raceroom are not necessarily the best, but they definitely hit the spot when it comes to the car specifications.

As for the tracks in Raceroom, you will get the following tracks to race in for free:

  • Lakeview Hillclimb (Fictional)

  • Portimao Circuit

  • RaceRoom Raceway (Fictional)

  • Sepang

  • Stowe Circuit

If you want to race in more tracks, you can always make an additional purchase which approximately costs $3-$5 depending on the tracks you are choosing (price may change over time).

In Assetto Corsa, there are 200 different cars that you can choose from with 11 tracks that you can choose from. The unique selling point of Assetto Corsa is that their cars are officially licensed from their manufacturers (Audi, Ferrari, BMW, Nissa, Lamborghini, Ford, Alfa Romeo, etc), meaning that their cars are presented with fine details and specifications.

In terms of circuit you’ll have the ability to choose between 19 circuits and 45 different layouts which you can check on our in depth guide.

Graphics quality

Depending on each racer’s priorities, graphic quality can be the deciding factor when they are choosing a software to race in.

Unfortunately for Raceroom, graphics are not necessarily their strong points.

To start off, we have to say that the graphic quality in Raceroom is by no means bad and is definitely more than playable.

However, many racers feel like the graphics in Raceroom are still lacking by today’s standard, which is extremely high.

In contrast, Assetto Corsa stands with some of the best in the world of simulation racing.

Graphics quality

At first glance, you will notice how there are almost no flaws in terms of the graphic quality in Assetto Corsa.

If you look deeper, you will see how their developers pay attention to each and every detail of the racing simulation.

For instance, you can see how the raindrops change in angle as your car moves when you race underneath the rain.

Car handling

When it comes to car handling, we really like how both Raceroom and Assetto Corsa keep their balance in terms of realism and adaptability.

What we meant is that both simulations managed to introduce a car handling system where it is not too hard for new users to adapt too while still maintaining the realistic aspects of handling a real life racing car.

Car handling

It is hard to say which one is easier to handle, but as long as you spend a few laps to get used to the car handling in either game, you will get a hang of it in a short time! Specifically in Assetto Corsa, you can expect some of the best car handling details when it comes to drifting in tide corners.

Compatibility (PC, Xbox, Playstation)

Raceroom is a free to download simulation that can only be run on PCs.

This may be one of the reasons why Raceroom is not as famous despite it being an outstanding racing software.

Regardless, staying exclusive on PCs allows them to create constant updates where users can easily access and enjoy.

Compatibility (PC, Xbox, Playstation)

On the other hand, Assetto Corsa is playable on PCs, Xbox, and Playstation. Assetto Corsa is definitely more versatile and can be played in many different setups.

However, we highly recommend using a PC as it is usually better in terms of performance and graphic quality.

FOV (Field of view)

FOV (Field of View) is an important part of sim racing as it emulates what a real life racer sees when they are driving their car.

Lucky for us sim racers, most racing softwares that managed to establish themselves up to the level of Raceroom and Assetto Corsa are usually excellent in terms of FOV.

FOV (Field of view)

The FOV will usually come in default settings. After you find your own preference, you can always change and adjust your FOV by tweaking the setting menu in either simulation.

Are tracks laser scanned?

All of the tracks in Assetto Corsa are laser scanned, that is why most tracks in Assetto Corsa seem very similar to their real life version.

The only tracks that are not scanned are the ones that are fictional or based on historical racing venues.

In contrast, the majority of Raceroom’s tracks are not laser scanned.

Are tracks laser scanned?

They do have several tracks that are laser scanned, but it is very limited and usually requires additional purchases.

Regardless, their unscanned tracks are still made with high attention to details. While they will not be as detailed as the version in Assetto Corsa, they are still very enjoyable!

Online multiplayer

Raceroom has a versatile online platform where you can create your own server and race with just your friends or participate in online events with other racers.

One thing that stands out with their online multiplayer is that it is very easy and quick to race in.

Online multiplayer

Assetto Corsa also comes with a versatile online multiplayer platform that is available for quick races. However, they are most known for their competitive Assetto Corsa Online Racing League, in which you can race competitively with racers of your skill levels.

Force Feedback (FFB)

The force feedback in both Raceroom and Assetto Corsa is simply phenomenal. After multiple runs on both games, we can say that the force feedback is always precise and on point.

Force Feedback (FFB)

Of course, you can adjust it to your own preference in the setting menu, and do not forget to get a high quality steering wheel to make sure that the force feedback remains accurate throughout your race.

Prices and Downloads


What we like about Raceroom is that it is free to download and so you can get started playing immediately without credit cards needed.

All in all, it is the perfect racing simulation for sim racers of all levels, particularly beginners. Check out the following link for the free download: www.raceroom.com/en/info/

As for Assetto Corsa, you can click on the links below for the best deals on Playstation, Xbox, and Pc:

Assetto Corsa:










PC (Steam)


Pc – Steam

So what’s better?

So what do you think?

I feel Assetto Corsa is probably the better choice due to its laser scanned tracks, high quality force feedback, and competitive online multiplayer that caters to all skill levels.

However, Raceroom is still a very realistic racing software that should not be overlooked!

I think it really comes down to individual preference, but as for us, we are big fans of the Assetto Corsa racing platform as well as its “little” brother, Assetto Corsa Competizione 😉

With all being said, which one would you pick?

But hey, who said that you have to pick just one? Try them both out and see which one suits you best!

You can never go wrong with trying out different racing simulations, as they all have their own unique features.

In case you wanted to learn more about each game, you can check our in depth reviews of both Assetto Corsa and Raceroom Racing Experience here.

Just remember that no matter which one you pick, a high quality steering wheel and a professional cockpit will enhance your driving experience.

As always, happy sim racing! 🙂

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