7 Tips to get Crazy Fast in Forza Motorsport 7

Looking to up your game in one of the most challenging racing games in the world?

If so, then you really need to know all the tips and tricks to take your driving skills to the next level.

If you wish to become a PRO at Forza Motorsport 7 you’ll want to practice a much as you can while at the same time improving your car control.

You’ll also want to follow a proven list of driving techniques to get your racing skills off the charts.

So without further ado, here are some of the most important tips to turn you into a Forza 7 pro!

What are the best tips to get faster in Forza Motorport 7?

Here are the 7 tips you’ll need to apply to get faster in Forza Motorsport 7:

  1. Turn off all the assists except “ABS”
  2. Using the Racing Line Assist
  3. Brake harder and later then your competitors
  4. Be smooth on the steering wheel
  5. Get soon to full throttle
  6. Use a steering wheel for the best experience
  7. Practice, practice, practice

Let’s now have a look at each one of them in more detail.

1. Turn off all the assists except for “ABS”

The first and most important tip is to turn off all the assists in the game, except for the ABS (Anti-lock braking system) and the racing line assist.

This is because the assists are there to help new players and they will make you slower in the long run.

By turning them off, you will learn how to control the car better and you will be able to drive faster.

In fact when the traction control is off, you’ll be able to feel more realistically the grip from the car and the road.

2. Use the Racing Line Assist

The second tip is to use the Racing Line Assist, which will help you take corners faster.

It’s a great tool for beginners as it will show you the best line to take in each corner.

In fact you’ll find it very helpful for tracks that you’ve never raced on and that you don’t know by heart.

3. Brake harder and later then your competitors

The third tip is about braking. You need to brake harder and later than your opponents in order to gain an advantage on them.

But be careful, if you brake too late you will end up going off the track.

Make sure you’re very efficient on the initial braking phase so that you can release the brake pedal earlier and get back on the throttle sooner.

4. Be smooth on the steering wheel

The next tip is about being smooth on the steering wheel.

This means that you should really avoid making sudden movements as it will make the car lose grip and peraps even the control.

Instead, you want to make small and gradual inputs so that you can keep the car under control at all times.

This is really key and tends to be one of the biggest advantages that pro players have in Forza Motorsport 7.

5. Get soon to full throttle

The fifth tip is about getting back on the throttle as soon as possible after you release the brake pedal.

This is important because the sooner you’re on the throttle, the sooner you’ll be able to accelerate out of a corner and reach your top speed.

This is also very important as it will help you massively with your overtakes.

6. Use a steering wheel for the best experience

The sixth tip is about using a steering wheel for the best experience.

While you can play Forza Motorsport 7 with a gamepad, it’s really not the ideal way to play the game.

In fact, despite being more expensive, using a steering wheel will make you much faster as it will give you a much better feeling for the car.

7. Practice, practice, practice

The seventh and final tip is about practicing as much as you can.

This is really important if you want to get faster in Forza Motorsport 7.

In fact, the best way to get better at the game is to simply play it a lot and to try to improve with each race and practice session.


So these are the 7 tips you need to apply to get faster in Forza Motorsport 7.

Make sure you practice a lot so that you can put them into good use and become a really good Forza Motorsport 7 driver.

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