Fastest Ways to get out of Rookie on iRacing

Fastest Ways to get out of Rookie on iRacing
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 1, 2021

If you’re new to sim racing and you want to get out of rookie as soon as possible, this is the article for you.

In iRacing, rookie is a tough place to be in.

You feel like your not good enough and everyone is out there to make you eat their dust.

And so you also want to become a pro and perhaps reach that “Alien mode”.

That’s a good goal to shoot for!

You just need a 3.0 to get passed rookie mode

Hey, keep in mind that it will take more than 3.0 just to get out of the iRcaing rookie status- so don’t think “I’m too far behind” because you really only need the bare minimum right now to progress.

This in depth guide will give a list of things to start doing that might not be obvious when starting out.

If you follow these steps then it’s very likely that your lap times will drop at least by half compared to what they are now!

Some people may think some of these steps aren’t necessary but trust me, if you want to race competitively at the top level then every little helps.

Here are some tips  on how to get out of Rookie iRacing class FAST!

So without further ado, let’s begin:

Get some clean races early on

So, The Quickest way out of rookies in iRacing is to get 3 to 5 very clean races. Once you get past D, congrats! You are still racing against  pretty much the same caliber driver – but now with some experience under your belt 😉

Practice practice practice

Next is… “Let me guess,” You say “I just need lots and lots of practice.”

While this certainly helps (as long as its good quality), there are certain some limits to that.

Wreck avoidance is king

Another key thing to master is wreck avoidance.

In fact of the most important skills in rookie racing is learning how to avoid crashes. You should learn when it’s safe and not safe to overtake.

The more cautious driver has an advantage because he knows what his opponents are going through and where they might end up if something were given enough room (or lack thereof).

Be aware that sometimes these accidents do occur so make sure you don’t get caught off guard by one.

Saftey is crucial to level up

One of the major factor to advancing in iRacing is your safety rating.

Having a high enough score can get you safely through any race and onto next level, but it’s not an easy thing for beginners to master since there are many factors that go into determining how safe someone may or could be behind-the-whee.

Just make sure you get clean races and don’t crash into people while starting on with your iRacing journey!


I’m not going to lie, you only need 3.0 points in order for your account status will change from Rookie- that means less work and more play!

You are already a pro in the making. You just need to work hard and show off your skills!

Achieving this milestone is easier than it sounds– just keep at it!!

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