The 5 Best and Most Challenging Corners in iRacing

The 5 Best and Most Challenging Corners in iRacing
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
February 21, 2022

Ever wondered what the best corners are in iRacing?

Well, I also was really curious and I’ve decided to do some research and find out.

First of all I based my research on my personal real-life racing and sim racing experience.

And then I went on to Reddit and other sim racing forums to find out what their opinion was.

Some of the corners I found were a bit of a surprise to me while others were in line with my belief and personal experience.

So here’s my list of the 5 best corners in iRacing that you absolutely need to know and practice, especially if you wanna get good at iRacing.

Keep in mind that some of this is my personal view and I might have left out a corner or included one that you think it isn’t worthy.

Anyways, here goes my list:

  • The Corkscrew – Laguna Seca
  • Eau Rouge – Spa-Francorchamps
  • Paddock Hill – Brands Hatch
  • Maggots and Beckets – Silverstone
  • Downhill Esses – Bathurst

Now we’ll go over each one in more detail.

So let’s begin with the first best corner in iRacing which is…

The Corkscrew – Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

The Corkscrew - Laguna Seca - iracing

This is a tricky one. It’s a really unique corner and there aren’t any real life counterparts that can actually be a comparison.

There are only a few corners in real life that somewhat resemble it, but they aren’t exactly the same thing.

So it’s hard to explain this corner in real life terms because nothing beats the unique layout that is The Corkscrew.

You basically approach the corner from the top and totally blind and unaware of what you will find past the apex when going down.

There may be a crashed car or a rabbit but you won’t be able to tell!

So you can approach this corner with two different strategies.

Strategy 1 – You can brake right at the blind crest and start accelerating after you have passed it.

If you have a very high-powered car, then this might be the best strategy as you’ll have enough speed to blast past the blind crest while going down the hill.

Strategy 2 – You can brake right before the blind crest and let your car slow down just enough so that you have control over it while going down the hill.

You might lose some speed but it tends to be more conservative for long endurance races.

However, this corner is awesome and it’s probably the most tricky corner in iRacing.

I’m sure you’ve already experienced it and I assume some of you have either crashed or spun it around here like I did several times. 😉

Eau Rouge – Spa

eau rouge spa

The historical corner of Eau Rouge Radillon at Spa-Francorchamps is the definition of a high-speed that needs big balls in a GT3 car.

Let me tell you, this is truly a corner that can easily separate the men from the boys.

You wanna take it full throttle and lose as little speed as possible with your steering angle since that can even cause unexpected oversteer.

That’s the reason why you’d wanna be smooth and precise here.

On the other hand, you have a lot of run-off room here so there’s no need to brake or be afraid if something goes wrong. In that case just lift up the throttle and open up the steering avoiding the barriers on the left-hand side.

I love this corner with all my heart and it always gives me back great memories of when I raced there in F2 and F3 back in the days.

Paddock Hill – Brands Hatch

Paddock Hill - Brands Hatch

This fast and tricky corner of Brands Hatch Indy is definitely a great one.

And it’s arguably even the best corner on the whole track thanks to its impressive elevation change that goes downhill in the exit.

You need to carry in lots of speed here while at the same time looking for hitting the apex and getting a good exit.

It’s a really challenging corner and it can be pretty unforgiving if you make a mistake.

I’m not gonna lie but this is also one of my favorites since it reminds me of the Corkscrew in Laguna Seca, Only this one is even trickier probably!

Maggots and Becketts – Silverstone

maggots and becketts silverstone

This section of high speed corners in sector 2 are some of the best ones in the whole world of motorsport and sim racing.

That’s because you really need to be inch-perfect with your turn it and smooth with your pedals to avoid losing the rear unexpectedly.

You approach Maggots aiming for running over the apex kerbs which help you pick more front grip, rotate the car and even do less distance.

No matter what you do remember to always prepare the next corner so that you can finally get a really good speed after Beckets.

This is a really great section of Silverstone and probably one of the best ones we have in real life and sim racing.

Downhill Esses – Mount Panorama (Bathurst)

Downhill Esses - Mount Panorama

What’s the feeling of going down a hill like if you were reallying while at the same time brushing the walls and braking on the limit.

All that onboard of a GT3 car that is as heavy as a military tank.

That ain’t easy guys, and I guess you know it too.

Turn a meter too late and you’re in the wall, miss the braking point by a bit and you’re spun around.

That really puts any iRacing drivers’ skills to the test.

It’s so unforgiving that the majority of drivers end up spinning and crashing here.

This is an absolutely great section to test your racecraft and courage.

You feel like a hero when you master it without any mistakes whatsoever.

To wrap up:

Alright so here were some of the most legendary corners in iRacing and arguably in real-life racing too!

These corners require you to be really good with your car control and they’re certainly one of the main reasons why I love sim racing.

In fact, if you’re fast enough to master all of them then you’re probably ready to tackle any circuit in the world.

We all know lots of other corners that have been referred as legendary ones including Parabolica at Monza, Les Combes at Spa-Francorchamps or 130R at Suzuka.

But what I want to ask you is this:

What are your favorite corners in iRacing?

Hope this article was helpful, happy sim racing everyone! 🙂

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