The Complete Raceroom Track List

The Complete Raceroom Track List
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 31, 2021

How many tracks are in RaceRoom?

Raceroom has got a total of 53 tracks, 5 free and 48 paid tracks. Did you know that?!

Similar to iRacing, Raceroom is a PC exclusive sim racing game that requires an additional purchase to unlock more content, including cars and race tracks.

How many tracks are in RaceRoom?

Once you install the software, you will be able to race in 5 free tracks that include 2 fictional tracks and 3 modern race tracks.

What most racers like to do is purchase additional tracks which all cost between $3 to $5.

Are tracks laser-scanned?  

The majority of tracks in Raceroom are not laser scanned. Yes, it is quite unfortunate as laser scanning can elevate the details when it comes to the overall track environment.

However, Raceroom is occasionally releasing laser scanned tracks, especially for their paid content.

Another good news is that laser scanning will not affect your racing experience.

Are tracks laser-scanned?  

Raceroom is a well-developed racing software where you can still enjoy a realistic racing experience.

Indeed, the tracks may not be that similar to the real-life version, but you really will not notice unless you are doing a side-by-side comparison.

What tracks are on RaceRoom?

As mentioned above, Raceroom requires you to purchase additional content if you want to unlock more race tracks.

What tracks are on RaceRoom?

While additional content is affordable, we highly recommend racing in the free tracks to get used to the software itself before starting to purchase additional tracks.

The following are the 5 free tracks that you can race in upon installation.

Free tracks:

  1. Lakeview Hillclimb (Fictional)
  2. Portimao Circuit
  3. RaceRoom Raceway (Fictional)
  4. Sepang
  5. Stowe Circuit

After comparing both the free tracks and paid tracks, it is safe to say that all the tracks in Raceroom are made with equal care and attention to detail.

Shortly said, there is no difference in racing on different tracks when it comes down to the quality of your experience itself.

Free tracks:

Regardless, it is always fun to race in iconic tracks such as Daytona International Speedway, Monza, and Nordschleife, which are only available on additional purchase.

You can find below the full list of tracks ordered alphabetically.

  1. Assen
  2. Autodrom Most
  3. Bathurst Circuit
  4. Bilster Berg
  5. Brands Hatch
  6. Brno Circuit (Grand Prix and Grand Prix Short Pit Entry Layouts)
  7. Chang International Circuit
  8. Circuit Zandvoort
  9. Circuit Zolder
  10. Daytona International Speedway (Road Course, Motorcycle Road Course 2006, and ‘unsupported’ tri-oval Speedway)
  11. Dubai Autodrome
  12. Falkenberg Motorbana
  13. Gellerasen Arena
  14. Hockenheimring
  15. Hungaroring
  16. Imola
  17. Indianapolis
  18. Knutstorp Ring
  19. Lausitzring (DTM Grand Prix layout added August 11, 2020)
  20. Macau
  21. Mantorp Park
  22. Mazda Laguna Seca
  23. Mid Ohio
  24. Monza Circuit
  25. Moscow Raceway
  26. Motorsport Arena Oschersleben
  27. Ningbo International Speedpark
  28. Norago (Circuit Paul Armagnac)
  29. Nordschleife
  30. Norisring
  31. Nurburgring
  32. Paul Ricard
  33. RaceRoom Hillclimb (Fictional Circuit)
  34. Red Bull Ring Spielberg
  35. Road America
  36. Sachsenring
  37. Salzburgring
  38. Scandinavian Raceway
  39. Shanghai Circuit
  40. Silverstone Circuit
  41. Slovakia Ring
  42. Sonoma Raceway
  43. Spa-Francorchamps
  44. Suzuka Circuit
  45. Twin Ring Motegi
  46. Watkins Glen
  47. Zhejiang International Circuit
  48. Zhuhai Circuit

Stand Out Tracks

Every sim racer who races with Raceroom will eventually purchase additional content whether it is new cars or tracks.

While it is possible to just race with the free cars and free tracks, we do recommend unlocking at least a few more tracks to race with.

Stand Out Tracks

Whether you are looking to explore unique tracks or just add more tracks to your collection, here are some of the stand out tracks that you should consider getting in Raceroom:

  1. Daytona International Speedway ($5)

Raceroom is home to some of the best car selections including different types of GTR cars.

No matter which car you are racing with, there is no better way to enjoy it than racing in the iconic Daytona International Speedway.

Daytona International Speedway is one of the best race tracks in the world that is famous for hosting the prestigious Daytona 500.

Of course, being able to race on this track is an opportunity that only some of the best racers in the world get to experience.

Lucky for us, simulations like Raceroom have done a fantastic job in providing such tracks for us sim racers to race in.

  1. Indianapolis ($3)

Indianapolis, also known as “The Brickyard” is another track that you simply can not miss when racing in the Raceroom.

Just like Daytona International Speedway, racing in Indianapolis is always a must simply for its status as one of the most legendary race tracks in the world, which factors into the overall experience when it comes to simulation racing.

Another reason to add Indianapolis to your race track collection in Raceroom is its versatility.

Not only is Indianapolis suitable for different types of cars, but it is also quite friendly for beginners who are willing to push their limits especially for long-distance racing.

  1. Bathurst ($5)

Located in New South Wales, Australia, Bathurst is another track that stands out amongst the other tracks within Raceroom.

It is the perfect track if you are looking for a challenging and competitive race, but it is also fantastic for beginners who are looking to practice with different varieties including fast corners, slow corners, and a satisfying long straight.

  1. Sonoma ($5)

As you can see, the tracks that stand out in Raceroom are famous tracks that have established themselves in the world of racing.

Not that the other tracks lack in anything, but when you have well-developed software like raceroom, it is always a great experience to race in iconic and legendary venus, just like Sonoma.

Sonoma is relatively more challenging to race in due to its tricky layout with multiple unforgiving turns.

While it does take some time for us to maximize our speed on this particular track, you really can not miss Sonoma especially if you are a fan of long and challenging races.

  1. Imola ($5)

Last but not least, we highly recommend you to race in Imola, a popular European track located in the town of Imola, Italy.

Often used to hold Formula 1 races, Imola is known for its fast sweeping bends with big braking zones which is unique to this particular track itself.

Compared to the other tracks, this may not necessarily be the hardest track to race in, but it is a fun track to add to your collection in Raceroom!

Moreover, if you’d like to read our Raceroom’s in depth review or learn about the difference between iRacing and Raceroom tracks, feel free to check our guides for it. 🙂

If you’re on a budget and were looking for the best free cars to use on Raceroom then here’s a blog post for you.

As always, happy sim racing!

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