The iRacing and ACC Fuel Calculator

The iRacing and ACC Fuel Calculator
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 14, 2021

Ever wondered how the best sim racers calculate their fuel consumption and race strategy?

No need to search any further, we have the perfect tool for you!

The iRacing & ACC fuel calculator allows you to calculate how much fuel you’ll consume in a race so that you can add the right amount of fuel to your tank.

With the current level of competition in iRacing , ACC and sim racing in general, it’s important to grab every kind of advantage you can get.

This includes having a perfect race strategy, and that includes knowing how much fuel you’ll need for a given race or qualifying.

Even two liters of extra fuel can make a difference in a fierce online race.

iracing fuel calculator

How does the iRacing & ACC fuel calculator work?

Our iRacing fuel calculator is very simple to use.

You just have to enter:

  • The race distance based on Laps or on Time (Only one allowed)
  • The average lap time during the race
  • The current fuel consumption per lap

And you will get the following results:

  • Number of total laps (if the race is based on time)
  • Minimum/ Safe fuel to start (including fuel for formation lap)
  • Recommended fuel (A more aggressive strategy)

This is also a great way to practice race strategy and learn how to save fuel when necessary.

We thought this might be a helpful tool for people who are just getting started with iRacing and aren’t familiar with fuel calculations.

Everything is responsive, so it should also work on your phone without issue.

Is it reliable for both iRacing and Assetto Corsa Competizione?

This calculator should work with every sim racing software including:

  • iRacing
  • Assetto Corsa
  • ACC
  • Raceroom
  • Forza
  • GT Sport 1
  • GT Sport 2
  • rFactor 2
  • Automobilista 2

That’s really convenient since iRacing and Assetto Corsa are the most popular sim racing softwares.

I’m pretty sure this tool will help you shave some valuable tenths of a second off of your lap times if you’ve never had used any other fuel calculator tool before 🙂

How do you calculate fuel for a race?

The calculation is based on a few different parameters but it’s actually quite simple to compute.

The appropriate fuel intake for a race will include the race length, both in time or laps and the fuel consumption per lap.

Once you have those two pieces of information, the calculator will provide you with the recommended fuel to begin the race.

The algorithm is gonna multiply the fuel per lap consumption with the race length input and then will create an appropriate “Safe” fuel strategy and an “Aggressive” one based on your needs.

If you want a more aggressive strategy, you can input a different value for the recommended fuel and the calculator will compute the new recommended fuel intake or you can simply choose the “aggressive startegy” result.

How do you calculate fuel consumption per lap?

We use the default fuel consumption scale for iRacing.

However, you can manually change it to whatever value you like by changing the “Consumption per lap” input on the calculator.

That will corelate with your real life driving habits and make some interesting comparisons between laptimes and fuel consumptions.

The only value you need to know before calculating with this tool is the “average lap time” so you will have to check it in your replays or during your practices sessions.

Will this fuel calculator be free forever?

Yes! We will always keep this fuel calculator tool free.

That’s because we feel everyone, from beginners to pros, should have access to such a powerful tool.

Yes, you could also get it from other websites but we assure you that all the calculations and algorithms behind the tool will always be up to date so that you can always feel assured using it.

Wrap up:

So the actual algorithm behind the fuel calculatore is quite simple.

It’s just a matter of multiplying two values together to get an answer and adding a small cushion of tollerance to avoid running out of fuel in the last lap.

The first is the “Consumption per lap” and the second one, obviously, is the length of the race or practice session based on time or laps.

Since iRacing uses an estimated value for the fuel consumption, you might want to change that value to match your driving style and see how it affects the laptime and fuel consumptions.

You can also compare the results with other sim racing games like Assetto Corsa or Raceroom.

We hope you find this calculator useful and we would love to hear your thoughts about it!

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As always, happy racing!

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