7 Best Triple Monitor Stands for Sim Racing

7 Best Triple Monitor Stands for Sim Racing

The beauty of sim racing lies in its complexity and ability to emulate real life racing experience and bring it to the comfort of your home.

Regardless of its complexity, simulation racing is actually very versatile in terms of the software and hardware required.

As an example, you can run racing simulations on both PC and console, with some decent options also available in the form of mobile games.

If you choose to race with PCs, which really is the most popular device for simulation racing, you will be able to choose from 3 different types of monitor:

  • Single monitor

Single monitor is often used by beginners who are just getting started with simulation racing.

This is the type of monitor that most people have as it is suitable for multiple purposes and is available for an affordable price.

However, it will not provide you with the most immersive racing experience

  • Ultra wide monitor

Ultra wide monitor is a huge upgrade from a regular single monitor.

It is often used by gamers and is highly suitable for simulation racing as it provides a much more immersive point of view for us simulation racers.

  • Triple monitor

Triple monitor is the most ideal monitor setup for simulation racing. It is commonly used by both professional racers and sim racers to maximize their perspective and their immersion towards the racing software.

From our short preview of the 3 monitors above, we can conclude that triple monitor setup is the way to go if you are planning to drastically improve your simulation racing experience and performance.

When talking about triple monitors, most people tend to focus solely on the specs and prices of the monitors.

Yes, those are relevant, but do not forget the importance of having a good monitor stand to support your simulation racing setup.

In this article, we will guide you through some of the best triple monitor stands for simulation racing.

Before going through some of the options, here are a few things you should consider before buying yourself a triple monitor stand.

  • Capacity

This is one of the most important things to consider before choosing a triple monitor stand.

As its name suggests, a triple monitor stands consists of 3 arms that will withstand the weight of your monitors.

Most triple monitor stands available in today’s market should be safe and strong enough, but we recommend you double check as the last thing you want is for your monitor to fall off in the middle of the race

  • Structure

When we say structure, it covers the material and the way it is able to hold on to all your monitors.

Being able to hold the weight of your monitors is not enough for a good triple monitor stand.

Additionally, a triple monitor stand for simulation racing should be able to hold 3 monitors at the same time sturdily to prevent any disruption or unnecessary movements in the middle of your race

  • Adjustability

Make sure to get a triple monitor stand with ergonomic design and high adjustability.

This will allow you to adjust the height and viewing angles which will not only allow you to race optimally, but also prevent back pain and eyesores when racing for a long time

  • Space

Assuming you are racing with a full simulation racing setup, you would most likely have more than enough space for a triple monitor setup.

On the other hand, racers who race in more limited space may need to check on the size and dimension of the triple monitor setup you are getting.

From our experience you will still be able to fit a triple monitor setup especially when you are using a compact triple monitor stand.

After all, saving space is one of the benefits of using a triple monitor stand

  • Price

If you are able to afford a triple monitor, buying the stand will not be much of a problem for you.

In case you are looking for affordable alternatives, just make sure you never compromise with the quality of the stand you are getting.

To make it easier, simply pick one of the triple monitor stands we listed below!

It is time for us to go through some of the best triple monitor stands for simulation racing.

As mentioned above, make sure to find one that fits your setup and budget, keep reading!

MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand



Choosing a stand for your triple monitor setup really is not that complicated.

As long as the stand has decent load capacity with ergonomic designs and flexible adjustments, you are good to go.

Take the MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand as an example.

It supports monitor weight up to 17.6 lbs per arm and has full adjustability on both its angle and height.

Most simulation racers opt for the landscape setup when using a triple monitor (which really is one of the best ways to set up a triple monitor for sim racing), but the MOUNTUP triple monitor stand allows you to choose from over 6 different monitor setup such as stacking mode, portrait, and more.

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Extra features:

  • Ergonomic design for convenient racing

  • Full range motion and rotations

  • Easy to assemble

  • Supports 17.6 lbs per arm

HUANUO HNTS3B Triple Monitor Stand



HUANUO HNTS3B Triple Monitor Stand is a space-saving stand that will sturdily withstand 3 of your monitors in the best angle possible.

How? By utilizing the gas spring system that allows you to adjust your monitors within your desired heights and angles.

Another reason why this monitor is highly suitable for simulation racing is its cable organization that will prevent disruptions and cable clutters.

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Extra features:

  • Elevated save-spacing design

  • Adjustable height and angles

  • Each arm holds 17.6 lbs

  • Cable organizer to prevent clutters

WALI Premium Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount



When it comes to materials for a monitor stand, there is not much sturdier material than high grade aluminium and steel that is used by WALI to create their premium triple monitor stand.

Known for its durable material and sturdy structures, each arm is capable of holding 15.4 lbs of weight, more than enough for any kind of monitor.

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HUANUO HNCM6 Triple Monitor Stand


When buying affordable alternatives for a product like a triple monitor stand, make sure to never compromise on quality.

Remember, it will cost you more money if the monitor falls off the stands. For a high quality yet affordable stand, we recommend the HUANUO HNCM6 Triple Monitor Stand.

HUANUO HNCM6 Triple Monitor Stand utilizes a stand-alone rubber padded foot that will steadily hold your monitors. Each arm is able to withstand up to 22 lbs, really impressive for such an affordable stand.

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Extra features:

  • Heavy-duty stand alone rubber padded feet

  • Adjustable height and angles

  • Cable management clip

Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand


Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand is another affordable stand with effective functionality.

Regardless of its affordable price, it is equipped with numerous features such as the tilt function for ergonomic eye position. Each arm is also able to withstand up to 15.4 pounds despite its minimalistic looks.

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Extra features:

  • Adjustable height and angles

  • Ergonomic tilt function for ergonomic viewing

  • Easy installation

  • Versatile setup (portrait and landscape)

StarTech Triple Monitor Stand


One of the best triple monitor stands for simulation racing that we highly recommend you to get is the StarTech Triple Monitor Stand.

Made with high quality steel and aluminium, you can expect maximum sturdiness when racing with this monitor stand by StarTech.

Despite its heavy duty design, it is actually compact and relatively easy to set up and install. You will also find a micro-adjustment feature on both the height and viewing angles.

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Extra features:

  • Holds 17.6 lbs per arm

  • Micro-adjustment features

  • Durable and sturdy structures

  • Easy installation

VIVO Triple Stand


Vivo triple stand is a state of the art monitor stand that is designed to prioritize space-saving.

This is highly suitable for simulation racers who have limited space to work with. Each arm is able to withstand a weight of 22 lbs, adding up to a total monitor weight limit of 66 lbs all within a sturdy and strong structure.

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Extra features:

  • Space-saving design

  • Strong and sturdy structure (holds up to 22 lbs each arm)

  • Adjustable height and angles

Wrap up:

That concludes our list of the best triple monitor stands for simulation racing.

Looking at every stand on our list, they are all more than strong enough to withstand most monitors in the market sturdily, all you need to do now is choose your favourite and buy yourself one!

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