The 7 Best Sim Racing Hydraulic Pedals in 2022

Being a sim racer, you’re probably aware that pedals are key to unlocking real performance and setting purple sectors.

Pedals are one of the three contact points between the racer and the vehicle, the other two being the seat and wheel.

For Sim Racing beginners, pedals can make the biggest difference to your driving and consistency.

They are the basis of your rig and allow you to control the braking system, throttle as well as clutch of your car without a slight doubt of what the car will do.

This improves the braking and prevents tire wear and significantly enhances the performance of the car.

Pedals can also make your lap time much better than using a controller and will give you a much more authentic experience.

This realistic experience allows racers to add precision to their driving because of the superior control it provides over your vehicle.

With the other options being load cell pedals, hydraulic pedals are among the best in the game and are often top of the list of many sim racers looking for full immersion.

That’s why picking the right set of pedals is extremely crucial.

SIMTAG Hydraulic Pedals

SIMTAG Hydraulic Pedals

Coming at number is a pedal set considered by many to be the very best hydraulic pedals for sim racing. Though they are probably the most expensive pedal set in our review, the SIMTAG Hydraulic Pedals should be your number one consideration when looking to buy sim racing pedals.

They are very adjustable and are properly built to last and offer an authentic experience with lots of useful features.

Moreover, they come in three versions – Standard Black, Ultimate Black, and Silver. Sitting on Tilton 300 artificial aluminum floor base, these pedals are some of the most durable and strongest on the market.

They come with Cosworth dust as well as moisture-proof connectors that help protect the pedals and ensure their longevity.

When it comes to adjustability, this set offers a boatload. For instance, you can alter the pads position on the pedals along with their resistance and angles. Additionally, you can also change the pressure to suit your driving style and needs. And with some plug-and-play electronics, you can tailor these pedal sets to suit your taste.

You can tune the ratio of the brake pedal, which adds to the authenticity of the driving experience. The high customization level, as well as the well-construction of this set, makes them the absolute best option for experienced sim racers with money to spoil.


As I mentioned earlier, the SIMTAG Hydraulic Pedals are among the most expensive in the market, retailing at €2,900. But considering the quality of the experience as well as the performance and durability of these pedals, this price is still a bargain!


In terms of performance, the SIMTAG Hydraulic Pedals offer some of the best in the field, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise since these pedals are considered to be among the very best on the market.

It comes with lots of customization options to enhance performance and experience, especially if you can get a suitable plug-and-play add-on.

SIMTAG also modified the real-life Tilton 600 forged aluminum floor-mounted pedals. For those who are not familiar, the Tilton 600 is among the widely used pedal box in the world of motorsport.

The pedals also come with a pedal ratio of 5.75:1, 5.61:1, 5.44:1, and 5.29:1 and are equipped with anti-slip pads.


  • PC: Yes
  • Xbox One: No
  • PlayStation: No

Where to buy

The best place to buy the SIMTAG Hydraulic Pedals is from the brand itself. This way you will also receive customer support you need to configure the pedals.

Extra features

  • Adjustable pressure
  • Plug n play electronics (Leo Bodnar)
  • Adjustable pedal pads
  • Custom fit pedal angels
  • Modified Tilton 600 forged aluminum 3 pedal floor mount
  • Adjustable resistance

Heusinkveld Ultimate

Heusinkveld Ultimate hydraulic pedals

If the SIMTAG is a bit out of your budget reach, we have the Heusinkveld Ultimate. These ones have carved a reputation in the sim racing world as some of the top hydraulic pedals that offer complete immersion at a competitive price point.

For me, it is the feeling of release and compression that excites me the most about these brake pedals, because they offer the most authentic experience you can ask for in a hydraulic sim pedal.

Many manufacturers find it challenging to create a set of pedals that properly simulate the sensation of a real-life pedal in a GT or Formula car.

If you are an experienced driver, you know what a real pedal feels like – the Heusinkveld pedals offer a similar sensation.

The Sim Pedal Ultimate set is a full-hydraulic pedal, with all three pedals coming with a hydraulic damper. Heusinkveld’s main concentration is on the design and modification of hydraulic dampers.

Modifying the damper means you tune the damping sensation – bump or compression as well as the rebound.


The Sim Pedal Ultimate costs around €1,427, which is not that steep for a sim racing hydraulic pedal set. But this price may change if you buy directly from the manufacturer.


Performance-wise, this is one of the very best hydraulic pedals you can install to a simulator. When you add these pedals to your simulator, you will notice the massive improvements in your ability to control the brake pressure when approaching a corner.

While the Heusinkveld Sprints are still pretty desirable among sim racers, they cannot offer the same performance as the Sim Pedal Ultimate.

It can simulate precisely the 1:1 brake forces with a maximum break pressure of around 65 kg, which is already higher than most other sim racing pedal sets. But since the pedals allow for 136 kg of pressure, you can easily simulate the real-like brake pressure of F3/GP2/F1/LMP/Indycars.

Also, if you want hydraulic damping, these pedals come with a 1-way or 2-way (throttle) hydraulic damper (clutch/brake).


  • PC: Yes
  • Xbox: No
  • PlayStation: No

Where to buy

You can buy this product directly from the manufacturer. If you buy from an online store, make sure you check reviews and return and cancellation policy and compare price.

Extra features

  • Adjustable pedal geometry
  • Handle 140kg of real force
  • Load cell sensors
  • Linear output

Ricmotech Real Gear GTPro3 Xtreme

Ricmotech Hydraulic pedals - Real Gear GTPro3 Xtreme

These pedals are also well-built and feature a unique Tilton 600 floor mount, just like the SIMTAG hydraulic pedals. If comfort is what you are after, then you should give this pedal set a try. These pedals are designed for maximum comfort and maximum performance.

Labeled “real gear”, this pedal set is entirely and unapologetically designed for high-end sin racing users.

They come with a non-compromise construction, using some of the most versatile and finest materials available.

The package includes the ECU controller unit, user manual, the re-designed Tilton 600 pedal frame, assorted fixing screws, two clamps for securing the remote brake sensor, three sandpaper pads for extra grip, as well as USB A-B cable and aluminum mounting plate.


So what does the GTPro3 Xtreme cost? The listed price on the official manufacturer’s official website of this pedal set is $1,695. Of course, this price will value for international purchases due to sale tax, shipping costs, and duties.


With the caliber of the GTPros pedals, you would expect them to replicate the performance of the real car on the road.

When configuring the pedals, make sure you follow the user manual to the latter and set the brake pressure to 0.0. Another useful tip from the manual that racers tend to forget is pumping the brake pedal, just as you would do in a real GT car in order to build up pressure by the braking system.

The first few meters of racing are rather quite exploratory and include testing the brake to ensure it is 100% calibrated. You could also try to modulate the pedals to lock up.

The braking system offers confidence and has a sensation of an actual car’s brakes.

Additionally, it also produces the feel of a real hydraulic and it doesn’t feel spongy or springy.

The pedal operation is lighter, but you can offset this from the diaphragm-like springs located on the clutch pedal’s shaft.

The action is suave and linear with a clear biting point, return spring and positive travel. but you can also dislocate the clutch from the system and instead use the remaining pedals with added resolution assigned to them.


  • PC: Yes
  • Xbox: No
  • PlayStation: No

Where to buy

You can buy the Ricmotech GTPro3 from the manufacturer’s official website or online stores such as Amazon and Alibaba.

Extra features

  • Real experience from all pedals
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic systems
  • Extra pedal
  • Quiet operation
  • Two load ranges
  • Compatible with PC only

HPP 3P JBV Pedals

Hydraulic pedals - HPP 3P JBV Pedals

The JBV pedals set the standard for high-performance sim racing hydraulic pedals.

They are extremely modular and can also be used in vertical, slanted, GT mounting, and forward. As one of the 4th generation design pedal sets, the JBV pedals come with plenty of design attributes that offer authentic performance and feel, designed purposefully for sim racing.

Moreover, HPP is one of its kind to use sim-specific hydraulics, which by the way took many years of designing. As a result, these pedals are fully hydraulic and not load cells with a hydraulic damper.

Its braking system is designed purposefully for sim racing and the master cylinder features an inline design that offers smooth operation.

Several design attributes have been tried and tested, tweaked, enhanced, and tweaked to make sure users get the most authentic experience possible.

HPP employs the use of a premium pressure transducer, known for its durability, accuracy, and repeatability. Made in the United States, this pressure transducer is graded for a 50 million life cycle.


The JBV pedals are sold for $1,495 but this price may be affected by shipping costs, tax, and duties among other international purchase expenses.


Although the pedals are designed for slave and master cylinders, but they are connected so that it minimizes lines as well as other connections. This ensures smooth operation of the three pedals as well as lengthy durability.

It also allows you to save some space.

The transducers ensure excellent accuracy for each pedal, in addition to being rated for 50 million cycles meaning it is ideal for frequent use. Moreover, the pedals can also be attuned using five different bushings made from racecar-quality polyurethane.


  • PC: Yes
  • Xbox: No
  • PlayStation: Yes

Where to buy

Buy the JBV pedals directly from the manufacturer.

Extra features

  • Efficient construction
  • Lots of realism and adjustability
  • Competitively priced
  • Sleek design

Racewerk S1 Competition

Hydraulic pedals - Racewerk S1 Competition

This pedal set from Racewerk is also considered among the best racing hydraulic pedals for sim racing. However, they are pretty hard to find, perhaps due to the nature of the pedals.

Racewerk does not do bulk manufacturing, and that is perhaps why the S1 Competition is not easily found.

Nevertheless, these pedals come in a 2-pedal setup or 3-pedal setup and feature high-quality construction using a CNC device that crafted each part of anodized aluminum.

The pedals are versatile and were designed to be easy to modify and upgrade thanks to the modular design.

Also, the pedal for braking comes with well-built slave and master cylinders, which are designed to enable users to customize the brake pedal ratio to suit their driving style.

While the brake pedal is the most important in the set, each one of the three pedals can be modified to your needs for full comfort.


The S1 Competition costs from $1,780


The basic design of these pedals ensures a unique racing experience for any gear.

Racewerk’s S1 Competition is probably the most advanced pedal set, developed specifically for sim racing. It was built to serve demanding motorsport drivers and even e-Motorsports racers.


  • PC: Yes
  • Xbox: No
  • PlayStation: Yes

Where to buy

Buy the S1 Competition directly from the manufacturer or any reputable online store.

Extra features

  • Modular design
  • Aluminum construction
  • USB interface
  • Compatibility Simucube 2

BJ Simracing Steel GT Hydraulic Pedals


The BJ Simracing focuses on premium peripherals for sim racing, including pedals, handbrakes, and shifters among others. Their pedals come in two modifications – 2-pedals Formula Steel and 3-pedals GT steel.

The package consists of a clutch, pedal plate, accelerator and brake pedal, USB cable, and a cardboard box with mounting material.


BJ Simracing costs $900 which is pretty much below the average price of hydraulic sim racing pedals.


The Steel GT pedal set is plug-n-play once you configure it. When the drivers have automatically been installed by Windows, you can start DIView and LC-USB to start tuning out the pedals.

But DIView and LC-USB are pretty difficult software packages, but thankfully the package comes with a manual, which will make your work a whole lot easier.

In DIView, you can input the calibration values of the pedals while in the LC-USB you can set the right values of each pedal. The configurations are stored immediately in the pedals but you can adjust them later.

Once you have done with the settings, you just need to configure a dead zone of 5 percent on the brake and accelerator pedal, which prevents the pedals from switching on when you slightly lean your leg against it.

Physically, the pedals are very sturdy and the pedal plate at the bottom can be adjusted to two different heights.

Generally speaking, these pedals will do what they are supposed to do.


  • PC: Yes
  • Xbox: No
  • PlayStation: No

Where to buy

You can buy the JB Simracing from the brand’s official website or any other reputable online store.

Extra features

  • Wildwood slave cylinder
  • Magnetic hall sensor system
  • 3mm thick stainless steel

OBP ESports Pro-Race V2 Hydraulic Pedal System

Best Hydraulic pedals - OBP ESports Pro-Race V2 Hydraulic Pedal System

Completing our list is the OBP E-Sports Pro-Race V2 Hydraulic Pedal System. These pedals will elevate your sim racing to new heights thanks to its well-construction using aircraft-grade aluminum for pedals and mild steel for the cradle.

These sim racing pedals offer adjustable pedal ratios, several pedal adjustments, and accelerator returns to simulate an actual pedal box.

Delivering incredible feel and response for the racer, these pedals provide a braking impression that is extremely close to a real car as possible.

For aesthetic purposes, the pedals come in two main colors – black and silver.


The OBP E-Sport Pro-Race V2 Hydraulic Pedal System costs around €1,407


You use a USB adapter to hook the pedals to your PC. Each pedal is calibrated through the integrated Windows USB games controller interface, thus does not need DIView.

The PC control board enables high-resolution input with a 1000Hz response time that eliminates the latency in pedal travel from the signal from the hydraulic pedal sets to the PC.

However, with a variety of choices when it comes to connectivity, it might be hard to connect the pedal system. But you can connect directly to the wheelbase through the RJ45 cable or to the PC through the USB adapter.


  • PC: Yes
  • Xbox: With wheelbases
  • PlayStation: With wheelbases

Where to buy

You can uy this pedal set only from their online store.

Extra features

  • Adjustable pedal ratios
  • Multiple pedal pad adjustment
  • Adjustable clutch stop
  • Adjustable accelerator return
  • T6061 aluminum construction


Alright so here were some of the best hydraulic pedal sets that you can buy for your sim racing needs.

If you’re looking for a really good set of pedals that will give you that realistic sim racing experience, then any of these pedal sets will do the trick.

Just be sure to do your research and decide which one would be the best for you and your needs. And as always, happy racing!

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