What Does Sim Racing Mean?

Okay so you’ve heard about sim racing and are probably thinking to get started with it, but hey, what does it actually mean??

Believe it or not this question is one of the most frequently asked by total beginners since it sound a bit like a new and trendy term that has no precise definition.

The sim racing community has grown like crazy in the last few years and it’s not hard to find out why.

The experience of driving a real car around a track or racing online against fellow drivers is something that many people want to try, but for a lot of people the barrier to entry is just too high.

So let’s now try to shed some light on this question.

What is sim racing?

In a nutshell, sim racing is the “simulation of real world driving experiences with specialized software racing software”.

Put more scientifically, it can be defined as “a branch of esports gaming that seeks to provide a realistic driving experience through the use of a steering wheel, a racing cockpit and a set of pedals.

The primary purpose of the sim racer is to be able to drive a racing car as fast as possible, using setups tested on the actual track, simulating real world conditions.

The 2 main factors are realism and immersion: the more accurate and realistic a simulator is to its real world counterpart, the more immersive it will be.

Thus sim racers focuses on getting the most accurate experience possible, replicating not only car physics but track conditions and driver assists as well.

In case you were interested in getting started, please visit our in depth guide for sim racing beginners!

Time to wrap up:

So are you ready to become the next best professional sim racer?

Forget about your keyboard or joystic, the racing wheel is what you need if you really want to master the art of racing!

Hope this article has helped you solve the mystery of sim racing. 😉

And if you want to become a professional sim racer or just simply upgrade your equipment, check out our detailed articles.

As always, happy sim racing!

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