Top 9 Tips to Get Crazy Fast in Assetto Corsa Competizione

Top 9 Tips to Get Crazy Fast in Assetto Corsa Competizione
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
April 11, 2022

Looking to up your game in one of the most competitive racing simulators on the planet?

If so, then you really need to know all the tips and tricks to get your driving skills to the next level.

If you wish to become an “alien”, not only will you need to have lightning-fast reflexes and split-second decision-making.

You’ll also want to follow a proven list of driving techniques to get your racing skills off the charts.

So without further ado, here are some of the most important tips to turn you into an ACC Pro.

What are the best tips to get faster in ACC?

Here are the 9 tips you’ll need to apply to get faster in Assetto Corsa Competizione:

  1. Memorize all braking points
  2. Make a “V” in the data
  3. Master trail braking
  4. Get yourself a good wheel and pedals
  5. Get the best ACC car setups
  6. Using the Racing Line Assist
  7. Be smooth on the steering
  8. Focus on tyre pressures
  9. Practice, practice, practice

Let’s now have a look at each one of them in more detail.

1) Memorize all braking points

Guess what allows you to brake later than the lap before. Braking points.

If you don’t take your time to find and then memorize your braking point for each corner on track, there’s no way you can improve your lap times with consistency.

Memorize all braking points

As you start learning a new track, it’s important that you memorize all the braking points as they will help you immensely push your limits further with total confidence.

Not only will you improve your overall lap times, but your consistency throughout the race will also be much better with fewer and fewer mistakes.

You can’t arrive at a corner just guessing at where you need to brake.

2) Make a “V” in the data

Brake the latest and get soon to full throttle. That’s it.

For the slow-speed corners, you’ll want to smash those brakes and hold them all the way till the apex so that you can gain so much time on the entry, without losing anything on the exit.

In the rolling phase of the corner, you’ll want to hook the apex, wait for the car to rotate and then be ASAP to full throttle, not ASP to throttle.

That’s because if you pick up the throttle too soon before the car has even completed the rotation, then you’ll create some push understeer and you will struggle to get to full throttle as you’ll probably have to lift again to avoid running wide in the grass.

Make a "V" in the data

So wait for the rotation while still holding the brakes and then aim to be soon on full throttle (for slow speed corners, not high speed ones).

That’s why it’s called the “V” line, but it’s not for the racing line on the track, is just about where you want to be fast throughout the corner. Under braking and on the exit. Not in the middle.

3) Master trail braking

This is one of the most important driving techniques you need to master to go faster in Assetto Corsa Competizione, iRacing, rFactor 2 and any other sim racing game.

You’ll essentially want to “trail” your brakes all the way to the apex after your initial hit on the brakes when approaching your braking point.

Master trail braking

That will first of all help youi slow the car more aggressively and efficiently and second, it will help you generate more load transfer on the front, hence picking up more front grip to rotate the car.

You’ll win more time on entry AND you’ll be able to generate more front rotation when turning in.

So make sure you trail those brakes as aggressively as you can while downshifting gears aggressively. You’ll see how many tenths you’ll be able to shave off your lap times.

4) Get yourself a good wheel and pedals

This should be pretty obvious. If you’re using a controller or even a keyboard and mouse, there’s no way you’re going to be able to get nearly as fast as the Pros.

A good steering wheel is absolutely essential if you want to take your sim racing skills to the next level.

Get yourself a good wheel and pedals

Not only will it help you be more precise and smooth with your inputs, but it will also allow you to feel the car much better, so you can make the right driving decisions on track.

The same goes for pedals. A good set of pedals will help you modulate your braking much better and react to any situation on track with total confidence.

I’m not saying you’ll necessarily have to purchase the most expensive wheels like the Podium F1 DD2, but at least having a basic Fanatec or Thrustmaster can make a huge difference than using a controller.

Pedals usually tend to be the biggest concern since hydraulic ones tend to best and most precise despite being more expensive but again, with some entry-level Fanatec pedals you should be more than good enough.

5) Get the best car setups

This one is pretty self-explanatory yet most people tend to underestimate its value.

If you want to go faster in sim racing, you’ll need to make sure your car is set up correctly for each car and track you’re racing on.

Get the best car setups

If you’re racing in Silverstone on a Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo, there’s no way you can keep that same setup and hope to be fast in Spa or Monza.

You’ll need a custom setup for every track, car, and condition.

In fact you won’t be able to run the same qualifying set up for a 3 hours race as the tyres will probably be completely gone after 10 laps.

And also when it starts to rain, you’ll have to run a completely different setup again to be fast in the wet, unless it rains during a race that has already started.

So consider spending a few dollars each month to get yourself the best chance of succeeding by running the same setups as the Pros.

6. Using the Racing Line Assist

In case you weren’t aware of it yet, ACC provides an assist that basically gives you the best racing line to follow.

Using the Racing Line Assist

That might seem good only for beginners that don’t know new tracks, but even if you do know the track very well, it could become very helpful for setting reference points for braking and turning.

I’m pretty sure that if real GT3 and F1 drivers had the same feature while driving they’d probably be very pleased as they would have to do less mental work to remind them all those different references and information.

So give the racing line assist a try and remember to experiment keeping it on even when you’ve learned the track thoroughly.

7.Be smooth on the steering

Being smooth and aggressive with the wheel at the same time isn’t an easy task to accomplish.

That’s because the two things seem very counterintuitive but follow me for a second.

The reason why you’d want to force yourself being smooth on the steering is because average drivers are always fighting excessively with the steering and they sometimes even struggle to keep it straight on the straights.

That’s not a good thing since you’ll make the car react too much and both your tyres and your lap times will suffer massively.

Of course you also don’t wanna so smooth that you’ll then be 2 seconds off the pace, so a great compromise is needed.

Once you’ll have reached a nice level of smoothness, try to then be slightly more aggressive with the steering when turning in for chicanes and slow-speed corners. That will do the trick.

8.Focus on tyre pressures

There are three main things that will affect your performance in motorsport racing:

  1. The Driver
  2. The Tyres
  3. The Car Setup

Only by getting the tyres right, you’ve granted yourself 33.3% of the maximum performance.

That might seem a little, but if say your tyres and driver (you, in this case) are on point, then you’ll be already nearly at 70% of the max performance.

And if you finally get yourself the same setup as the Pros, then you’ll see how you can be able to compete for the spots in any online race.

acc tyre pressures

If the tyres are not “switched on” because their too cold, then you’ll be sliding so much, complaining about oversteer and might even pick up some graining.

On the other end if you’re cold tyre pressures were set too high and you start pushing a lot after a few laps, you’ll start overheating them, complaining about oversteer again and perhaps even get blisters.

Needless to say, you’ll be setting some slow lap times in both scenarios and that could mean winning a race or not finishing at all.

So always make sure you adjust your tyre pressures based on different track temperatures and weather conditions.

9.Practice, Practice, Practice

Last but not least you’ll want to practice as much as possible since that’s the only way you’ll get faster and better at any skill.

learning curve sim racing

You’ll want to set some time each day or each week to go through these driving tips and make sure you practice all of them together in order to speed up your learning curve.

The more you practice the more you’ll find that it’ll become easier and eventually, all these tips will become like second nature to you.

So make sure you never stop practicing and don’t give up even if it seems very difficult at the beginning. Never get discouraged if you’re off the pace when starting out.

Everyone has had to start from the bottom.


So here were all the ACC driving tips I had for you.

Hope you found them helpful and that you’ll be able to take your racing skills to the next level.

Remember that it takes time, and eventually with enough practice you’ll be soon making a name for yourself in the sim racing world.

So make sure you put in the work and that you never give up on your dreams.

Good luck and I’ll see you on track. 😉

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