Assetto Corsa Vs GT Sport: Which is Better in 2023?

Assetto Corsa Vs Gt Sport
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 6, 2021

So you might be getting started with sim racing and are wondering which is better between Assetto Corsa and Gt Sport.

In this post we’ll give you a quick review of the pros and cons of each game by answering a few questions and covering different aspects such as:

  • How realistic is it to drive?
  • What’s the variety of cars and tracks?
  • How’s the graphics quality?
  • What’s the car handling?
  • FOV (Field of view)

So let’s get started with our comparison guide!

How realistic is it to drive?

If you prioritize realistic driving experience over anything else, Assetto Corsa is probably the best option for you. Since being released in 2013, realism has always been Assetto Corsa’s priority.

You may find it hard to prove if you have never driven a real life racing car, but Assetto Corsa is also widely used by real life racers for all the technicalities that are involved during a race with Assetto Corsa.

When it comes to the fun and excitement of sim racing, it is not always equivalent with how realistic the simulation is.

How realistic is it to drive?

Take Gran Turismo Sport as an example, it remains as one of the most popular sim racing game despite some details which are not necessarily realistic.

When racing with GT Sport, you might notice that turning in this particular simulator is different from most sim racing softwares.

It does feel much faster in a way that is not exactly realistic.

Same goes with rallying in GT Sport, you will find it a bit more game-like rather than a real life simulation.

While both games have different levels of realism, the same rules apply with both Assetto Corsa and GT Sport, you can always upgrade your overall driving experience by using a full racing setup (steering wheels, pedals, a cockpit, etc).

Variety of cars and tracks

In terms of car variety, it is well known that Assetto Corsa does not necessarily have the most number of options.

However, they managed to set themself apart from other simulators by officially licensing cars from their manufacturer, including BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Lamborghini, McLaren, Nissan, Alfa Romeo, and more.

What makes this different from the same cars in other simulations?

For one, not only do they have realistic interior and exterior design, you will find exact details when it comes to the specs of each car.

The tracks in Assetto Corsa are also quite limited with only 11 different options.

However, you can download endless choices of tracks (and also cars) from online mods.

Variety of cars and tracks

11 tracks are actually more than enough for most racers as they usually focus on improving their rally time in just a few chosen tracks.

All in all, GT Sport features 338 cars from 52 different manufacturers.

Considering the fine details on each car, we have to say that Gran Turismo has done an impressive job to provide such plenty of options. One thing that they could improve is only the type of cars available.

Compared to other racing simulations, GT Sport lacks both retro and open-wheeler cars.

The track variety in Gran Turismo Sport is pretty diverse, with 17 venues and 40 different layouts.

However, it is unfortunate that there are only 6 real life racing tracks available in GT Sports, which are Willow Springs, Interlagos, Nürburgring, Brands Hatch, Suzuka, and Bathurst.

Graphics quality

Before comparing the graphic quality of Assetto Corsa and GT Sport, keep in mind that GT Sport is only available in Playstation, which is inferior when compared with a high quality racing PC that Assetto Corsa can be run on.

Considering that GT Sport only runs on Playstation, it has done an incredible job in maintaining such beautiful graphic quality.

Graphics quality

At first glance, you will notice how the cars and track environment in GT Sport has such refined details without any awkwardness that you can find with other racing simulation games..

Additionally, you can always upgrade your graphic quality by racing with HDR screens, which are supported by GT Sport.

Assetto Corsa has come a long way from its released version where the frame rates frequently become problematic.

As technology advances and the world of sim racing is taken to another level, Assetto Corsa has evolved into a racing software with excellent graphic quality.

They are one of those few elite simulators that make use of photorealistic images, meaning that their graphics are highly comparable with real life versions.

This applies to all aspects of Assetto Corsa from the interior view to the racing environment.

Car handling

We mentioned realism not being equivalent to the fun of driving in the simulation. Well, the same applies in terms of car handling.

If you want to drive a realistic sim racing game that resembles real life car handling, be prepared as it requires time and effort to develop into your skillset.

For some, realistic car handling is simply too hard and frustrating.

Thus, there are racing simulations that adapt their car handling system and make it much easier despite having to trade it off with realism.

Car handling

For Assetto Corsa, the car handling is not as particularly easy, but is definitely realistic and not hard to adapt to.

In fact, most beginners will be able to get the hang of it after racing several laps.

Once you get the hang of it, you will see that Assetto Corsa car handling is quite similar with real life car handling, especially when it comes to drifting and turning during the race.

On the other hand, Gran Turismo Sport is much easier for beginners to adapt to.

Since the car handling in GT Sport is not the most realistic, it feels much more like a racing game compared to a racing simulator.

However, this applies to all racers so do not expect to have easier opponents when racing with GT Sport!

Compatibilty (PC, Xbox, Playstation)

One of the reasons why Assetto Corsa has become one of the most popular sim racing software is its accessibility.

Available in PCs, Xbox, and Playstation, Assetto Corsa is conveniently one click away from being playable on your devices.

In contrast, GT Sport is exclusive for Playstation. However, they are actually one of the most popular racing simulations that you can get for consoles.

When it comes to the maximum graphic quality, Playstation may not deliver the same quality as a gaming PC, but you can still race with full setup on your Playstation.

FOV (Field of view)

FOV (Field of View) is an important part of sim racing that determines your viewing ability from your sim racing car.

If we are talking about realism, Assetto Corsa has the edge with their detail-oriented interior graphics. However, there is not much separating both Assetto Corsa and Gran Turismo Sport in terms of the functionality of their FOV.

FOV (Field of view)

By default, you will not have much problem in racing with the FOV in each game.

However, most racers developed their own preference after spending more time racing.

If it happens that you do not perform optimally with the default settings, you can always adjust the FOV in the setting menu of both Assetto Corsa and GT Sport.

Are tracks laser scanned?

Laser scanning is one of the technologies that has taken the world of simulation racing to a whole new level.

Laser scanning means to utilize laser technology to scan and replicate each and every detail of a racing track, including the length and angle of each turn within the tracks.

While laser scanning will not directly impact your racing experience, it brings a high sense of realism which most sim racers look for.

Since laser scanning is highly valued by racing enthusiasts, Assetto Corsa took the extra miles to laser scan almost every one of their tracks.

In fact, the only tracks that are not laser scanned are some of their historical racing sites and of course the fictional venues.

Same goes for GT Sport, all 6 of their real life racing venues are laser scanned to provide racers with the most immersive racing experience!

Online multiplayer

Both Assetto Corsa and GT Sport are available for offline races, but most racers preferes to test their skill out by participating in online multiplayer mode.

In Assetto Corsa, you can participate in the Assetto Corsa online racing league, where you can race competitively with racers of your skill levels.

If you can not commit to a league, Assetto Corsa allows you to utilize online matchmaking servers and have a quick race with other racers from around the world.

While there is nothing wrong with Assetto Corsa online multiplayer system, GT Sport does have a more sophisticated online multiplayer mode with a much more detailed matchmaking system.

Every aspect of your skill set including your safety rating will be scored and used to put you in a much more calculated matchmaking process, where you will find racers that match well with your skill levels.

Just like Assetto Corsa, you can also go for a quick race with GT Sport.

Force Feedback (FFB)

GT Sport is definitely not the most realistic sim racing game, but it does an excellent job in providing accurate force feedback for steering wheel users.

As for Assetto Corsa, you can be sure that their force feedback is as precise as it gets.

In both softwares, the force feedback is highly adjustable to your preferred sensitivity.

Prices and Download

Here are the prices and download/purchase links for both Assetto Corsa and GT Sport:

Assetto Corsa










PC (Steam)


PC (Steam)

GT Sport







So which one is better?

While Assetto Corsa and Gt Sport are both great racing games, they do have different strengths.

If you’re looking for a realistic driving experience that feels like you’re really behind the wheel, Assetto Corsa is probably your best bet.

However, if you want more features and options to customize your race experience, Gt Sport is the better choice.

Whichever game you choose, make sure to buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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