GT Sport Keyboard Controls List

Looking for some secret keyboard controls available on GT Sport?

Few people actually comprehend the value of using keyboard controls during a race and, first of all, knowing they even exist!

In fact, we may learn some very interesting insights when we start using keyboard shortcuts to show specific information or to hide players’ names or the HUD.

First of all, we need to understand that the keyboard controls are way more than just a replacement for the controller and, in many cases, can give us a competitive advantage.

Most of the keyboard shortcuts available on GT Sport are activated by then pressing a specific key.

For example, if we wanted to show players’ names above cars we would type “F4” whereas if we wanted to hide them we would press “F1”.

Gt Sport keyboard controls list

The full list of GT Sport keyboard controls includes:

  • F1: Hides player names above cars.
  • F4: Shows player names above cars.
  • F9: Hides the HUD (only using spectator mode).
  • F10: Shows car information (only using spectator mode).
  • F11: Shows racing information (only using spectator mode).
  • F12: Shows player information (only using spectator mode).
  • 1-9: Changes selected car from 1 to 10
  • Q-P: Changes selected car from 11 to 20.
  • G: Is a Variable Camera type.
  • H: Is a Standard Camera type.
  • J: Is Bumper view.
  • K: Is Hood/roof view.
  • L: Is Chase camera view.
  • Arrow Key down: Is rear view (only using spectator mode).
  • Z: Sets a replay marker. (Replay ends at the point where the live race has gotten to)
  • X: Starts a replay 8 seconds before you press Z.
  • C: Starts a replay 13 seconds before you press Z.
  • V: Starts a replay 18 seconds before you press Z.

How many keyboard controls are there in GT Sport?

There are 18 different hotkeys that will have each a very useful function in the game.

Some of the keyboard shortcuts are for functional purposes, such as showing or hiding player names above cars, while others are for spectating live races or watching replays.

As you can see they’re not that many and perhaps learning just one or two could help you improve your racing outcomes.


So here was the complete list of keyboard controls available on GT Sport.

We hope this guide was helpful and informative enough for you to start using them in your next race!

Keyboard shortcuts are way more than just boring hotkeys, in many cases they could give us a competitive advantage.

So try them out next time you’re racing and see if they help you improve your lap times!

Good luck and we’ll see you on track! 🙂

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