The Full List of Gran Turismo 7 Trophies

The Full List of Gran Turismo 7 Trophies
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
June 1, 2022

Looking for a comprehensive list of all the trophies available in Gran Turismo 7?

In this quick guide you’ll find the full alphabetical list of trophies, together with all the instructions explaining how to earn them.

As you can imagine, a lot of these trophies will require quite a bit of dedication and skill to earn, but there are also some silver ones that are fairly easy to obtain.

How many trophies does GT7 have?

How many trophies does GT7 have?

GT7 has a total of 54 trophies between the Bronze(47), Silver(4), Gold(2) and Platinum(1) trophies.

How do you get platinum in GT7?

In order to get the GT7 platinum trophy you’ll first have to collect every single one of the 47 bronze trophies, 4 silver and 1 gold trophies to finally get the very last, and most prestigious, platinum trophy.

What’s the full list of GT7 trophies?

This is the full list of all 54 trophies available in Gran Turismo 7:

  • A Bit of a Boost = Purchased a turbo or supercharger for 10 times
  • A Taste of Tuning = Bought and equipped some car tuning parts
  • All-Rounder = Won races on 10 different race tracks
  • By a Country Mile = Won with a lead gap of 10 seconds or more, in a race of at least two laps
  • By a Whisker = Won a race with a lead of 0.5 seconds or less than that
  • Circuit Apprentice = Completed five tracks in Circuit Experience
  • Clean Racer = Completed a race without leaving the track or causing any collisions
  • Going the Distance Together: The Atlantic = Driving with other sim racing players online, you matched the distance covered by the first-ever non-stop Transatlantic flight: 5,810km (3,610 miles)
  • Digging the Dirt = Won 10 races on dirt racing tracks
  • Done in 60 Seconds = Drove a lap of the Tsukuba Circuit in under a time of 60 seconds
  • Going the Distance: 24 Hours of Le Mans = Drove the length of one complete 24 Hours race of Le Mans race: 2,209.538km (1,372.942 miles)
  • Going the Distance: Angeles Crest Highway = Drove the total length of the USA’s Angeles Crest Highway: 66 miles (106km)
  • Going the Distance: Route 66 = Drove the total length of the USA’s Route 66: 2,451 miles (3,945km)
  • Fill Her Up = Took a strategic pitstop during a race that featured fuel consumption, and filled your tank
  • Firm Favorite = Bought the same car 10 times over
  • Formula First Timer = Drove a Formula car for the first tima
  • Fully Licensed = Earned all licenses available
  • Heavy Haulage = Bought a pickup truck
  • In-Depth Mastery = Finished 50 races in Sport Mode
  • Join the 200-mph Club = Reached a top speed of 200mph (322km/h)
  • Let’s Go Carbon Neutral! = Bought an electric powered car
  • Living with a Legend = Bought a car at the Legend Cars dealership
  • Living Your Car Life = Started the first menu
  • Looking Good! = Bought and equipped car aerodynamic parts
  • Memento from Le Mans = Took a Scapes photo of an Audi R18 TDI (Audi Sport Team Joest) on the Circuit de la Sarthe
  • Memento from the Nürburgring = Took a Scapes photo of a BMW Gr.3 car on the Nürburgring GP
  • Motor Mania = Stored a total of 50 cars in your Garage
  • Moving on Up = Moved up five or more positions in a single lap
  • New Treads = Took a pitstop during a race and changed your tires
  • No Assistance Required! = Completed a race without any assist settings
  • No Car, No Life = Stored 100 cars in your Garage
  • Podium Fixture = Finished on the podium for a total of ten times
  • Rain Royalty = Acquired your rain license
  • Round and Round = Drove 500 miles (804.672km) on oval tracks
  • Running on Empty = Ran out of fuel in a race that featured fuel consumption
  • Safety First = Bought a safety car
  • Smoking Hot = Earned 10,000pts in Drift Trials
  • Snap-Happy = Took 100 photos in Scapes or Race Photos
  • Speed Demon = Reached a top speed of 500km/h (311mph)
  • Sport Mode Debut = Finished a race in Sport Mode
  • Squeaky Clean = Washed a car 10 times
  • Student of Motoring History = Completed the first car collecting menu
  • The First Step to Mastery = Completed a track (all sectors) in Circuit Experience
  • Time Attacker = Took part in 100-time trials
  • Toughening Up = Increased a car’s body rigidity 10 times
  • Warning: Wide Load! = Fit a wide body
  • Wheely Good Fun = Bought 10 sets of wheels

Silver GT7 trophies list:

Silver GT7 trophies list:

  • Circuit Master = Completed all 15 tracks (all sectors) in Circuit Experience
  • Going the Distance Together: The Autobahn = Driving with other players online, you matched the distance covered by the entire German Autobahn network: 13,191km (8,197 miles)
  • Speed Archdemon = Reached the incredible top speed of 600km/h (373mph)
  • Three Legendary Cars = Acquired three legendary race cars that were once destined to win 24-hour races

Gold GT7 trophies list

  • Hard Work Pays Off = Earned Gold in all available licenses
  • Finale = Fulfilled requirements for ending


So here are all the trophies available for Gran Turismo 7.

Remember that you can always check your progress for each trophy by accessing the “Trophies” menu from the main screen.

I hope this guide was helpful and that you get all the trophies you’re aiming for!

Good luck and we’ll see you on track!

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