Best RaceRoom Fanatec Wheel Settings (CSL DD & CSL Elite)

Looking for the best and most realistic Fanatec wheel settings to drive on RaceRoom?

If you’re specifically using a Fanatec CSL DD or CSL Elite you’re in for a treat because we’ve got the perfect wheel settings for you!

Having the perfect settings will make the steering wheel way more precise and responsive which is crucial for setting fast lap times.

In addition to that, when the steering feels realistic you’re gonna find it so easy to push the limits and improve your speed even further.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

RaceRoom wheel settings (CSL DD & CSL Elite)

You need to be aware that before tuning our RaceRoom in-game settings we will actually need to go through the Fanatec tuning menu settings which are crucial to set the proper calibration and sensitivity.

These are the values you’ll need to set for the CSL DD:

  • SEN = Aut
  • FF = 100
  • FFS = Peak
  • NDP = 20
  • NFR = Off
  • NIN = Off
  • INT = 2
  • FEI = 100
  • FOR = 100
  • SPR = 100
  • DPR = 100
  • BLI = Based on preference (Default)
  • SHO = 100
  • BRF = Based on preference (Default)

Here’s what you’ll need to set for the CSL Elite:

  • SEN = Aut
  • FF = 100
  • SHO = 100
  • BLI = Default
  • DRI = -02
  • FOR = 100
  • SPR = 100
  • DPR = 100
  • BRF = Default
  • FEI = 060

Now that we’ve calibrated our wheels accordingly, it’s time to properly set up our in-game settings!

What are the best Fanatec wheel settings for RaceRoom?

Here below you can find the most realistic wheel settings for both the Fanatec CSL DD and CSL Elite.

CSL DD & CSL Elite RaceRoom settings

Advanced Settings

  • Speed Sensitive Steering = 0
  • Steering Sensitivity = 50

Force Feedback

  • Force Feedback = Checked
  • Inverted Force Feedback = Checked
  • FFB Strength = 80
  • FFB Linearity = 85
  • FFB Minimum Force = 0
  • FFB Maximum Force = 100
  • Stationary Friction = 50
  • Engine Vibrations = 0
  • Bump Amplification = 0
  • Gearshift Effects = 0

As you can see we’ll want to run at zero for most of the settings excluding the strength of our force feedback.

The main reason for this is because our Fanatec steering will already have plenty of force feedback by default and we don’t want to add too much of it on top.

We’ll also be running our force feedback at full strength while also having it inverted so that we can experience all the different types of vibrations coming from the race car.

As for our steering sensitivity, this is a setting that you’ll need to play around though we generally prefer to run it almost as low as possible to avoid having the steering too sensible.


So here were our recommended Fanatec wheel settings for RaceRoom!

We hope that you found this guide helpful and that you’ll be able to use these settings to take your driving to the next level.

Perhaps you’ll be now able to shave off some valuable tenths off your lap times.

Until next time, see you on track! 😉

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