RaceRoom Fanatec Wheel Settings (Podium F1 DD2 & Clubsport)

RaceRoom Fanatec Wheel Settings (Podium F1 DD2 & Clubsport)

Looking for the best and most realistic Fanatec FFB settings to drive on RaceRoom?

If you’re specifically using a Fanatec Clubsport or Podium F1 DD2 then you’re in for a treat because we’ve got the perfect wheel settings for you!

Having the right settings will make your steering wheel way more precise and realistic, thus allowing you to find easily the limit of the car.

In addition to that, when the steering feels great, then you’ll be way more confident and your lap times will naturally improve.

RaceRoom wheel settings (Podium DD2 & Clubsport V2.5)

Before changing our RaceRoom in-game settings we will actually need to go through the Fanatec tuning menu settings which are crucial to set the proper calibration and sensitivity.

These are the values you’ll need to set for the Fanatec Clubsport:

  • SEN = AUT
  • FF = 100
  • SHO = 100
  • BLI = Default
  • DRI = -02
  • FOR = 100
  • SPR = 100
  • DPR = 100
  • BRF = Default
  • FEI = 100

Here’s what you’ll need to set for the Podium F1 DD2:

  • SEN = AUT
  • FF = 45
  • FFS = Peak
  • NDP = 25
  • NFR = 5
  • NIN = 0
  • INT = 4
  • FEI = 100
  • FOR = 100
  • SPR = 100
  • DPR = 100
  • BLI = Default
  • SHO = 100
  • BRF = Default

Now that we’ve calibrated our Fanatec wheels accordingly, it’s time to properly set up our in-game settings!

RaceRoom Fanatec FFB Settings (Clubsport & Podium F1 DD2)

Here below you can find our recommended wheel settings for the Fanatec Podium F1 DD2 and Clubsport.

Advanced Settings

  • Speed Sensitive Steering = 0
  • Steering Sensitivity = 50

Force Feedback

  • Force Feedback = Checked
  • Inverted Force Feedback = Checked
  • FFB Strength = 70
  • FFB Linearity = 100
  • FFB Minimum Force = 0
  • FFB Maximum Force = 100
  • Stationary Friction = 50
  • Engine Vibrations = 0
  • Bump Amplification = 0
  • Gearshift Effects = 0

As you can see we’ll want to run at maximum FFB linearity and near maximum FFB strength to have a realistic and strong force feedback.

Instead, we’ll want to lower engine vibrations, gearshift effects, and bump amplification because they tend to interfere with the FFB.

Finally, make sure to check the inverted FFB option, this will make sure that when you’re driving on the limit and start to slide the wheel, it will feel much more natural.


So here were our recommended wheel settings for Fanatec wheels on RaceRoom.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and that these settings will help you take your driving to the next level.

Good luck and we’ll see you on track! 😉

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