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Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
April 12, 2022

Looking for a complete list of settings for playing RaceRoom on a controller?

As you can imagine, having all the best controls for playing on a controller will make the whole experience completely different.

That’s because you’ll be able to control your car more precisely, and make better use of the in-game physics.

As you’re gonna see we will turn down massively the steering sensitivity and dead zone since it will make the input way less pointy and thus easier to drive.

Also in terms of brake and throttle sensitivity, we will run medium levels as we again don’t want the inputs to be too aggressive and uncontrollable.

So having said that let’s dive right in.

Can you play RaceRoom with a controller?

Yes, you can play RaceRoom with a controller despite being slightly slower than playing on a proper steering wheel.

Can you play RaceRoom with a controller

Of course, everyone would dream of driving with the most advanced Fanatec wheels and pedals but for someone who may be just starting out or who’s on a budget, a controller can still offer a great experience.

How to play RaceRoom with a controller?

For you to play RaceRoom with a controller you’ll first need to connect it in the options menu and then adjust all the settings from the “Edit assignments” section and the “Advanced settings”.

Here below you will find all the tried and tested settings that we recommend for playing RaceRoom on a controller.

Raceroom Assignment settings

These “Assignment settings” will allow you to basically assign the controls and buttons from your controller to the actual driving input.

As you’ll see you can accelerate with Rt and brake with LT.

Raceroom Assignment settings

Keep in mind that these settings are from an Xbox controller that’s being used on PC so perhaps other devices might require some small adjustments.

  • Steer Left = LS Left
  • Steer Right = LS Right
  • Accelerate = RT
  • Brake = LT
  • Shift Up = X
  • Shift Down= A
  • DRS / PTP= LB
  • Next TC Step = Right
  • Previous TC Step = Left


RaceRoom Advanced Controller Settings

The advanced settings will allow you to set the sensitivity, calibration and dead zone for each major driving input (Braking, throttle and steering).

As we’ve previously said, it’s important to have low steering and dead zone settings as it will make the input way less pointy.

RaceRoom Advanced Controller Settings

For throttle and brake sensitivity, we recommend using a medium level as too high of a value will make the inputs too aggressive.

  • H pattern = Off
  • Speed sensitivity steering = 45
  • Min steering speed = 60
  • Max steering speed = 299
  • Analog Sector 1 = 1.5
  • Analog Sector 2 = 1.6
  • Analog Sector 3 = 1.7
  • Return Multiplier = 2
  • Steering sensitivity = 0%
  • Throttle sensititvity = 50%
  • Brake sensititvity = 50%
  • Clutch sensitivity = 20%
  • Steering Dead Zone = 5%
  • Throttle Dead Zone = 1%
  • Double shift prevention = 0.05s
  • Throttle Upper Dead Zone = 100%
  • Brake Upper Dead Zone = 100%
  • Clutch Upper Dead Zone = 0%
  • Clutch biting point = 5%


How can you be fast in RaceRoom playing on a controller?

For you to be fast in RaceRoom playing on a controller you’ll need to have to be very late on the brakes and then be early to full throttle.

How can you be fast in RaceRoom playing on a controller

You’ll naturally have to sacrifice the rolling speed in the middle compared to drivers using wheels and pedals, but driving like this will make you still be pretty fast.

Always remember to follow the appropriate racing line as it will help you a lot, especially in the braking zones where you can pick up more grip and then carry more speed.


So there you have it, those were our recommended settings for playing RaceRoom with a controller.

We hope you found this guide helpful and that you’ll be able to start enjoying the game even more.

Remember that every controller device may require different settings and so be ready to experiment or seek some guidance in the forums.

Good luck and happy sim racing! 🙂

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