7 Driving Tips to Get Crazy Fast in rFactor 2

Looking to up your game in one of the most realistic racing simulators in the world?

If so, then you really need to know all the tips and tricks to get your driving skills to the next level in rFactor 2.

The competition level in sim racing is fierce and has gotten even higher in recent years and so you need to be on top of your game to stand a chance against some of the best racers out there.

The 7 tips we’ll present below will not be quick fixes but will give you a really good roadmap on how to become a fast and consistent driver in rFactor 2.

What are the best tips to get faster in rFactor2?

Here are the 7 tips you’ll need to apply in order to get faster in rFactor 2:

  1. Memorize the braking points
  2. Brake harder and later
  3. Find the best rFactor 2 car setups
  4. Be smooth on the steering
  5. Consider upgrading your Wheel and pedals
  6. Learn from the Pros
  7. Practice, practice, practice

Let’s now have a look at each one of these tips in more detail.

1) Memorize braking points

This is probably the most important tip on this list. Why?

Because if you can’t remember your braking points you’ll be then guessing where to brake, but guessing doesn’t make you faster.

rfactor 2 braking tips

If you don’t precisely know where you’re braking right now, there’s no way you’ll be able to push the limits braking later and later.

The best way to learn your braking points is by spending enough time in the rFactor 2 Time Trial and really focusing on memorizing those 150 100 or 50 meters mark where you can attack the brakes.

Once you have those braking points memorized, you can start testing pushing them later and later.

2) Brake harder and later

This is the second most important tip on this list. Once you know your current braking points, you can start pushing them later and later, especially on low fuel and new tyres.

This will obviously require you to brake harder and harder, but that’s the only way you’ll be able to go faster.

There’s no magic number on how much you should brake later and harder, it will all come down to experimentation and feel.

A good starting point could be trying to brake 3-5 meters later each time you’re out on track and then see how it goes.

3) Find the best rFactor 2 car setups

The third most important tip to go faster in rFactor 2 is to make sure you’re using the best car setups.

There are many websites and forums where you can find setups for the most popular cars in rFactor 2, so make use of them.

rfactor 2 setup

A good setup will make a big difference in terms of lap times, so it’s definitely worth spending some time to find the best ones.

4) Be smooth on the steering

This is a tip that will help you not only go faster but also be more consistent during the course of a race.

If you’re smooth on the steering inputs you’ll be able to carry more speed through corners and be less likely to make mistakes.

rfactor 2 smooth steering

So, how can you be smoother on the steering?

By practicing, and also by focusing on not overcorrecting the wheelspin and oversteer too much.

5) Consider upgrading your Wheel and pedals and pedals

If you’re serious about getting faster in rFactor 2, then you should definitely consider upgrading your wheel and pedals, if your current ones aren’t any good.

A good quality wheel and pedal set will make a big difference in terms of precision and feel, and it will also help you go faster.

rfactor 2 wheels and pedals

If you’re currently using a Logitec, consider upgrading to a higher-end Thrustmaster or Fanatec wheel since the FFB and driving precision are way better.

Also in terms of pedals, the ones that tend to perform the best are the hydraulic ones bud they tend to be pretty expensive ($1,500+) so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re on a budget.

6) Learn from the Pros

One of the best ways to get faster in rFactor 2 is by learning from the pros.

Simply by watching their onboard video hotlaps on YouTube will give you a good idea on how they’re driving the cars and what lines they’re using.

You can also find several rFactor 2 coaching services out there that can help you take your driving to the next level.

7) Practice, practice, practice

Last but not least remember to practice as much as possible if you really want to get faster in rFactor 2.

There’s no secret here, the only way to become a good sim driver is by putting in the hours on track and learning from your mistakes.

So, make sure to spend some time every day or every week driving in rFactor 2 and you’ll gradually start seeing your lap times drop.


So here were the 7 tips that will help you go faster in rFactor 2.

Make sure you apply these tips and you’ll definitely see your lap times drop in no time.

Now it’s time for you to go out there and practice!

Good luck and we’ll see you on track 🙂

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