Best rFactor 2 Controller settings (Xbox 360/Xbox One)

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Looking for the best and most realistic controller settings to race on rFactor 2?

As you can imagine having the appropriate control scheme is crucial to succeeding in online racing.

You’ll be able to have the highest precision with your steering inputs which will naturally result in more consistency and improved lap times.

That’s why in this quick guide we’ll go over what we feel are the best controller settings for rFactor 2 whether you are using an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller.

So without further ado let’s dive right in!

Can you be fast on rFactor 2 with a controller?

Yes, you can be pretty fast but controllers rarely can match the performance of professional steering wheels.

That’s because no matter how well you set your controller settings, you’ll still lack the feeling of driving a real steering wheel and pushing the throttle & brake pedal.

Despite that, you can still get really fast with the controller if only you practice long enough and have the right tuning in place.

rFactor 2 controller Basic settings

Let’s finally have a look at the most precise settings for playing on an Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller.

The best rFactor 2 controller settings are:

  • Steering rate = 10%
  • Speed sensitivity = 74%
  • Controller steering sensitivity = 25%
  • Controller deadzone = 20%
  • Steering wheel range = locked to 180°
  • Vehicle set range = disabled
  • Wheel range (Lock) = 310°

As you can see you’ll want to run a very low steering rate and controller deadzone as that will allow you to have the most precise control over your inputs.

The speed sensitivity is a bit higher than you might be used to but it will give you more control over the car at high speeds.

The vehicle set range should always be disabled, and the wheel range lock should ideally be set to 310° and you can change that by going to the general settings and then heading to “steering”.


So here were our recommended rFactor 2 settings for Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers.

We hope that you found this guide helpful and that it will allow you to get the most out of your time racing on rFactor 2.

Remember that if anything doesn’t suit your driving style you could always experiment and change things around until you find the perfect control scheme for you.

As always, practice makes perfect so make sure to hit the track and put in the laps!

Good luck and we’ll see you on track. 🙂

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