Best rFactor 2 Thrustmaster Settings (TMX, T300RS & TX)

Looking for the best and most realistic Thrustmaster wheel settings to race on rFactor 2?

As you can imagine having the appropriate FFB settings will make a pretty big difference in your lap times, and race consistency especially when you’re driving on the limit of the car

That’s why in this guide we will be setting up the TMX, T300 and TX wheels to get the most out of these fantastic Thrustmaster products.

Thrustmaster control panel settings

Before actually changing the in-game settings from rFactor 2 we’ll have to head over to the Thrustmaster control panel which will allow us to set some really important settings for your wheel.

These are the recommended Thrustmastercontrol control panel settings for RF2:

  • Rotation = 900°
  • Constant = 100%
  • Periodic = 100%
  • Spring = 100%
  • Damper = 0%
  • Auto center = By the game

RF2 Thrustmaster wheel settings (TMX, T300 & TX)

Here are the RF2 settings for the TMX, T300RS and TX wheels:

  • Car Specific FFB Mult = 80%
  • FFB Smoothing = 0 -3 (Based on your preference)
  • FFB Minimum Torque = 2.0
  • Vehicle set = checked

As you can see the Force feedback smoothing can depend a lot on your preference, whether you prefer a more aggressive or a more smooth wheel feeling is up to you.

Also make sure that the FFB multiplier stays around 80% as it will already give you a pretty strong force feedback through the control panel FFB settings.


So here were our recommended settings for the best FFB on rFactor 2 with a Thrustmaster wheel.

We hope that this guide helped you out, and will finally get you to shave off some valuable tenths of a second from your lap times.

Remember that if any of these settings don’t feel right you could always adjust them to your liking, as it’s all a matter of preference in the end.

Good luck and we’ll see you on track! 😉

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