Best Project Cars 3 Thrustmaster Settings (T300RS, TX & TMX)

Best Project Cars 3 Thrustmaster Settings
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
April 26, 2022

Looking for the most realistic Thrustmaster wheel settings for Project Cars 3?

If you’re driving on a Thrustmaster T300RS, TX or TMX wheel on Project Cars 3, then these are probably the best settings for you.

Best Project Cars 3 Thrustmaster Settings (T300RS, TX & TMX)

As you can imagine having the most realistic wheel settings is very important if you wish to be fast on Project Cars 3.

Not only will your lap times improve but also your race consistency will get much better with you making fewer and fewer mistakes.

Thrustmaster wheel & FFB calibration

Remember that before going to the in-game settings of PC3 we’ll first have to make sure the settings from the Thrustmaster software are set accordingly to avoid any interference with the game.

Here are our recommended wheel settings for your Thrustmaster T300RS, TX and TMX:

  • Rotation = 900°
  • Constant = 100%
  • Periodic = 100%
  • Spring = 100%
  • Damper = 0%
  • Auto center = By the game

Thrustmaster wheel & FFB calibration

Now that we’ve configured our Thrustmaster wheel, let’s move on to the in-game settings of Project Cars 3.

How do you change Project Cars 3 wheel settings?

In order to change Project cars 3 wheel settings, head over to “Options” and then to “Wheel & Force Feedback”.

How do you change Project Cars 3 wheel settings?

You’ll now be ready to set a bunch of different settings as recommended below.

What are the best graphics settings for Project Cars 3?

Our recommended graphics settings to get the most realistic image quality in Project Cars 3 are:

  • Pedal Type = N/A
  • Automatic clutch = On
  • Strength = 50
  • Tone = 80
  • Vibration = 65
  • Menu spring strength = 40
  • RPM / Gear Display = Yes
  • Steering Deadzone = 0
  • Steering sensitivity = 50
  • Throttle deadzone = 0
  • Throttle sensitivity = 50
  • Brake Deadzone = 0
  • Brake sensitivity = 35
  • Clutch Deadzone = 0
  • Clutch Sensitivity = 40

As you can see we’ll want to se all the deadzones to zero as they will interfere with the input of your pedals and wheel.

What are the best graphics settings for Project Cars 3?

The rest of the settings will be a matter of preference but we recommend you start with these ones and then adjust them to your own liking.


So here were our recommended settings for the most realistic experience while playing Project Cars 3 on your Thrustmaster wheel.

We hope you’ll find them helpful and that they’ll help you get the most out of your racing.

Remember that in case you’re struggling with your wheel setup, you could always try out different settings and see how that changes.

Until next time, happy sim racing!

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