Best Project Cars 3 Fanatec Settings (CLS DD & CLS Elite)

Looking for the most realistic Fanatec wheel settings for Project Cars 3?

If you’re driving on a Fanatec CSL DD or CLS Elite wheel, here are the settings you need for the most immersive and realistic experience.

Project Cars 3 Fanatec Settings

As you can imagine, having the right settings will allow you to improve your lap times massively and also to do fewer mistakes during the race.

That’s all thanks to the extra driving precision and confidence you’ll be getting from the car.

Because of that we’ve taken the time to research and share with you our recommended wheel settings for the CSL DD and CSL Elite Fanatec wheels.

So if you’re really serious about getting the best out of Project Cars 3, let’s dive right in!

Fanatec wheel & FFB tuning menu calibration

Remember that before going to the in-game settings of PC3 we’ll first have to make sure the settings from the Fanatec software are set accordingly to avoid any interference with the game.

Here’s what you’ll need to set in the tuning menu.

CSL DD Tuning menu

  • SEN = Aut
  • FF = 100
  • FFS = Peak
  • NDP = 25
  • NFR = Off
  • NIN = Off
  • INT = 4
  • FEI = 100
  • FOR = 100
  • SPR = 100
  • DPR = 100
  • BLI = Based on preference (Default)
  • SHO = 100
  • BRF = Based on preference (Default)

CSL Elite Tuning menu

  • SEN = Aut
  • FF = 100
  • SHO = 100
  • BLI = Default
  • DRI = -02
  • FOR = 100
  • SPR = 100
  • DPR = 100
  • BRF = Default
  • FEI = 080

After doing that we’re now ready to start adjusting the in-game settings for Project Cars 3.

How do you change Project Cars 3 Fanatec wheel settings?

In order to change Project cars 3 wheel settings, head over to “Options” and then to “Wheel & Force Feedback”.

You’ll now be ready to set a bunch of different settings as recommended below.

What are the best Fanatec wheel settings for Project Cars 3?

Our recommended graphics settings to get the most realistic wheel and FFB in Project Cars 3 are:

  • Pedal Type = N/A
  • Automatic clutch = On
  • Strength = 45
  • Tone = 70
  • Vibration = 50
  • Menu spring strength = 30
  • RPM / Gear Display = Yes
  • Steering Deadzone = 0
  • Steering sensitivity = 40
  • Throttle deadzone = 0
  • Throttle sensitivity = 40
  • Brake Deadzone = 0
  • Brake sensitivity = 35
  • Clutch Deadzone = 0
  • Clutch Sensitivity = 35

As you can see we’ll want to se all the deadzones to zero as they’re usually the main cause for a lack of precision when driving with a Fanatec wheel.

Furthermore, we recommend setting the steering and throttle sensitivity to 40 since it’s a good tradeoff between being too twitchy and not responsive enough.

For the brake, we recommend setting it to 35 as it allows for a more linear braking behavior.

And finally, we recommend setting the clutch sensitivity to 35 in order to avoid accidentally engaging it too early or too late.


So here were our recommended settings to get the most realistic Fanatec wheel and FFB in Project Cars 3.

Keep in mind that these are just general settings and that you might need to tweak them a bit according to your own driving style and preferences.

But overall, these should serve as a good starting point for you to get the most out of your Fanatec wheel in Project Cars 3.

Good luck and we’ll see you on track! 🙂

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