Best Project Cars 3 Keyboard Controls

Looking for the best Project Cars 3 settings for racing on a keyboard?

As you can imagine, having proper keyboard controls can make a big difference in terms of lap times and overall performance.

In fact, you’ll want to set the very best controls so that you can minimize time loss between one command and the other and therefore make fewer mistakes.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Can you Play Project Cars 3 with a keyboard?

Yes, you can definitely play PC3 despite it being a bit more difficult than racing on a controller or a professional steering wheel.

Despite that, it’s a good option to consider for those that want to get started immediately and didn’t want to spend extra money on a new shiny steering wheel.

You’ll just have to get the right controls and then practice a lot with them.

Project Cars 3 Keyboard Controls List

Here are the most important keyboard controls for playing Project Cars 3:

  • Throttle = Arrow Up
  • Brake = Arrow Down
  • Steer Left = Left Arrow
  • Steer Right = Right Arrow
  • Kers = Space
  • Change camera = F
  • Gear up = Insert
  • Gear down = Delete
  • Handbrake = Right shift

Then we also have these less important controls which include:

  • Reset to track = Enter
  • Photo mode = Left Ctrl
  • Toggle players tags = X
  • Cycle HUD display = C
  • Toggle career objectives = Z


So here were our recommended Project Cars 3 control settings for racing on a keyboard.

We hope that this guide helped you understand the game a bit better and also helped you configure your controls properly.

Don’t forget to practice a lot so that you can get used to the new controls and improve your lap times.

Good luck and we’ll see you on track! 🙂

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