How to Setup FOV in Project Cars 3 (Best FOV Settings)

How to Setup FOV in Project Cars 3 (Best FOV Settings)

Are you looking to set the best FOV in Project cars 3 but you’ve got no idea of how to do that?

In this quick guide you’re gonna learn how to change the FOV and also what’s the best settings you should be running for PC3 to get the most realistic experience.

Project Cars 3 FOV Settings

Before diving right in, let’s start by first understanding what the Field of View is and how it works in racing games like Project Cars 3.

What’s the FOV in Project Cars 3?

The FOV is basically the horizontal view angle that you see in Project Cars 3.

It’s measured in degrees and you can set it higher to get a bigger picture of what you’re viewing.

However, there’s a downside to having a high FOV and that’s the fact that everything will look a little smaller.

This can be an issue when you’re trying to read the tiny text on your HUD or trying to see what’s happening in the distance.

Can you change FOV in Project Cars 3?

Yes, you can change your Project Cars 3 FOV at anytime by simply going from the main menu and then through the visulas settings.

How do you change FOV in Project Cars 3?

To change the FOV in Project Cars 3 you’ll have to go to “Settings“, then go to “Visuals” – scroll down and there you will find the “FOV” related setting to adjust.

What is the best FOV setting for Project Cars 3?

The best FOV setting for Project Cars 3 is:

  • Cockpit/Helmet camera FOV = 88

As you can see ther’s only one specific FOV setting for Project Cars 3 and that’s the cockip/helmet camera.

This is because the other cameras have a fixed FOV and can’t be changed within the game.

Despite that you’ll be able to find some other ways to change your camera FOV but that’s a nit more complicated and advanced.


So here was our quick guide to set the best FOV in Project Cars 3.

Make sure to change the setting and see how it feels for you because the best experience is a subjective one.

Other than that, don’t forget to also check out our other guides related to this game!

Good luck and we’ll see you on track! 🙂

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