Best Project Cars 3 Graphics Settings

Looking for the most realistic Project Cars 3 graphics settings without hurting FPS and image quality?

As you can imagine, having proper graphics settings can make a pretty big difference to your overall performance.

In fact you’ll be able to see each and every detail on track which will allow you to make fewer mistakes and anticipate the corners more in advance.

You’ll be able to run over the kerbs more precisely which will result in a faster and more controlled car.

The beauty of graphics settings is that you can tailor them to your own needs.

For example, if you’re not fussed about ultra-realistic graphics, you can easily sacrifice some image quality in order to get a smooth and consistent framerate.

Instead if you’re a graphics perfectionist, you can max out all the settings and get the very best looking image quality at the expense of some FPS.

So having said that, let’s dive right in!

How do you change Project Cars 3 graphics settings?

In order to change PC3 graphics settings, head over to “Options” and then to “Performance”.

Best Project Cars 3 Graphics Settings

You’ll find plenty of other options to tune in there but we believe that these are the most important ones.

What are the best graphics settings for Project Cars 3?

Our recommended graphics settings to get the most realistic image quality in Project Cars 3 are:

  • Resolution = 2560 x 1440 143Hz
  • Windowed = No
  • Texture resolution = High
  • Texture filtering = Anisotropic 16X
  • V-SYNC = Yes
  • Super sampling = Off
  • Reflections = Medium
  • Enviromental Map = Medium
  • Car detail = Ultra
  • Mirror quality = High
  • Motion blur = Medium
  • Detailed grass = Medium
  • Particle quality = High
  • Particle density = Ultra
  • Render frames ahed = 1

Project Cars 3 Graphics Settings

If you’re not really happy with how your game looks after adjusting the graphics settings, don’t worry!

You can always tweak them and see what works best for you.

Do remember that the graphics settings will have a big impact on your FPS so if you’re experiencing any kind of FPS drops, make sure to lower them.


So here were our recommended Project Cars 3 graphics settings to get the most realistic image quality without sacrificing any FPS.

Hopefully you’ll be now equipped to improve your lap times and have more fun on track!

Good luck and we’ll see you on track! 🙂

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