f1 2021 thrustmaster settings

F1 2021 Thrustmaster Wheel Settings (T300, TX & TMX)

Looking for the best and most realistic Thrustmaster wheel settings for F1 2021?

If you’re driving on a Thrustmaster T300, TX or TMX wheel then you need to make sure that you have the right settings in order to get the most realistic feeling.

f1 2021 thrustmaster settings

That’s why we’ve researched and tested all the the different settings variations for F1 2021 and compiled them into this handy guide for you.

As you can imagine having proper wheel and FFB settings will make a pretty big difference to your driving and overall lap time performance.

You’ll be able to be more precise with your steering inputs and also make far fewer mistakes while pushing the car to the very limit.

So having said that, let’s dive right in!

Thrustmaster settings

The first step to get the best wheel settings will require you to adjust the T300, TX and TMX wheels from the Thrustmaster software dashboard.

That’s because the default settings are often not such a great fit for the F1 2021 game, and can cause your car to react in a fairly unpredictable way.

Here are our recommended wheel settings for your Thrustmaster T300, TX and TMX:

  • Rotation = 900°
  • Constant = 100%
  • Periodic = 100%
  • Spring = 100%
  • Damper = 0%
  • Auto center = By the game

Now that we’ve configured our Thrustmaster wheel, let’s move on to the in-game wheel settings of Formula 1 2021.

What are the best Thrustmaster FFB settings for F1 2021?

Our recommended F1 2021 Thrustmaster settings are:

  • Steering deadzone = 0
  • Steering linearity = 10
  • Steering saturation = 0
  • Throttle deadzone = 0
  • Throttle linearity = 0
  • Throttle saturation = 0
  • Brake deadzone = 0
  • Brake linearity = 0
  • Brake saturation = 0

Vibration and force feedback settings

  • Vibration & force feedback = On
  • Vibration & force feedback Strength = 80
  • On track effects = 35
  • Rumble strip effects = 55
  • Off track effects = 20
  • Wheel damper = 10
  • Understeer enhance = Off

So as you can see all of the deadzones and linearity are set to 0, which will give you the most precise and realistic feeling while driving.

You can adjust these values to suit your own preferences, but we find that these settings work particularly well for the Thrustmaster T300RS, TX and TMX wheels.


So here were our recommended Thrustmaster settings for F1 2021.

Remember to test these first in a practice session before jumping straight into a race as they could take a while to get used to.

So that’s it for our guide on the best Thrustmaster wheel settings for F1 2021.

Good luck and we’ll see you on track! 🙂

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