F1 2021 AI Difficulty Settings for Every Track

Looking for the best and most realistic AI difficulty settings for every track in the F1 2021 game calendar?

Having the right AI difficulty setting is important to have close and competitive races, ro avoid racing against AI drivers being too easy or too difficult to beat.

f1 2021 AI difficulty settings

In fact as you may have experienced, the F1 2021 AI tends to be quite easy to beat on lower settings and way harder on the higher AI difficulty settings.

What difficulty should I play F1 2021 on?

The optimum AI difficulty range to reproduce F1 2021 pole position lap times oscillates between 85 and 92, with some outliers like Imola and Jeddah that require respectively 102 and 107 AI difficulty.

You’ll want to find a great balance for each individual track, and we’ve found what we believe are the best AI difficulty settings for every F1 2021 circuit.

 f1 2021 AI difficulty for every track

As you can see below, we’ve done an in depth research for every pole position lap time from 2021 and we’ve then looked at the AI difficulty calculator to estimate the AI difficulty setting needed to reproduce those lap times as best as possible.

That makes the AI difficult score very relevant and accurate for every F1 2021 track on the game.

Do note that the AI difficulty settings are not permanent and you can change them at any time in the game.

What are the best AI difficulty settings for each track in F1 2021?

Track Real World Qualifyng Time  Calculated AI Difficulty
Bahrain 1:28.997 80
Australia 1:20.468 (2020) 91
China 1:31.547 (2019) 86
Imola 1:14.411 102
Portimao 1:18.348 89
Barcelona 1:16.741 88
Monaco 1:10.346 87
Baku 1:41.218 80
Canada 1:10.240 (2019) 82
France 1:29.990 90
Austria 1:03.720 91
Silverstone 1:26.134 95
Hungary 1:15.419 90
Spa 1:42.323 (2020 Dry) 91
Zandvoort 1:08.885 98
Monza 1:19.555 84
Sochi 1:31.304 (2020 Dry) 90
Singapore 1:36.217 (2020) 90
Suzuka 1:27.064 (2019) 94
Austin 1:32.910 81
Mexico 1:15.876 98
Brazil 1:07.934 97
Jeddah 1:27.511 107
Abu Dhabi 1:35.246 84

As you can see, the AI settings oscillates quite a lot from track to track and that’s also due to the fact that some laps were taken from 2020 and 2019 qualifyings sue to the pandamic.

In fact the inability for some race events to take place in 2021 as the Australian and Chinese GP for example, gave us the common sense to check at the previous years, even though the cars aren’t quite the same and the laps vary quite a bit.

That’s why you see that some tracks like Barcelona or Bahrain, where the 2021 cars are quite different to the 2020 ones, have a completely different optimum AI difficulty.

On the other hand some tracks like Baku, Monaco, Paul Ricard or Sochi, where the car difference isn’t that big, see a similar optimum AI difficulty.


So here were the best AI difficulty settings for every track in the F1 2021 game calendar according to our research.

Keep in mind that these are only estimates and that you should always tune the AI difficulty to your own liking and driving style.

We hope that this article was helpful and that you will find the best AI difficulty setting for you.

Good luck and see you on track!

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