Best rFactor 2 Fanatec Settings (CSL DD & CSL Elite)

Looking for the best and most realistic Fanatec CSL FFB settings to race on rFactor 2?

As you can imagine having the most realistic settings can make a huge difference to your driving experience, especially when it comes to important factors such as qualy time attack, driving precision, and consistency.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to research and share with you our recommended Fanatec CSL DD and CSL Elite settings which are guaranteed to make you faster than the default ones.

We’ll be sure to keep this page updated as we continue to test new settings and find the ones that work best.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Fanatec CSL DD rFactor 2 settings

Let’s first have a look at the wheel settings for the Fanatec CSL DD before heading to the CSL Elite.

Remember that you’ll first have to properly configure the tuning menu settings so that everything is set before heading to RF2.

Tuning Menu Settings

  • SEN = Aut
  • FF = 100
  • FFS = Lin
  • NDP = 25
  • NFR = 3
  • NIN = Off
  • INT = 6
  • FEI = 100
  • FOR = 100
  • SPR = 100
  • DPR = Off

rfactor 2 in-Game Settings – CSL DD

  • Car Specific FFB Mult = 60
  • FFB Smoothing = Driver’s preference (Set to default)
  • FFB Minimum Torque = 0

Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base settings

Here’s the full list of tuning and in-game settings from the CSL Elite & CSL Elite V1.1.

Tuning Menu Settings

  • SEN = Aut
  • FF = 100
  • SHO = 100
  • DRI = -03
  • FOR = 100
  • SPR = 100
  • DPR Off
  • FEI = 060

rFactor 2 in-Game Settings – CSL Elite

  • Car Specific FFB Mult: 65%
  • FFB Smoothing: Driver’s preference (Set to default)
  • FFB Minimum Torque: 0

As you can see the settings are very similar between the 2 wheels apart from the Force Feedback and FFB multiplier which tends to be higher for less powerful steering wheels like the CSL Elite and the Fanatec Clubsport.

All the rest is nearly identical which means that if you’re using any other fanatec wheels, then you can use these settings as a good starting point.


So here were our recommended Fanatec CSL wheel settings for rFactor 2.

We hope you found this article helpful and that it gives you a better understanding of how to configure your wheels to perfection.

Good luck and see you on track! 🙂

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