rFactor 2 vs Project Cars 2: What’s Better?

rFactor 2 vs Project Cars 2: What's Better?
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
March 15, 2022

Have you ever wondered which sim racing game is better between rFactor 2 or Project Cars 2?

While both games have their pros and cons, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at each game and see what they have to offer sim racing drivers.

rFactor 2 vs Project Cars 2: What's Better?

By the end, hopefully, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about which game is right for you.

We’re going to compare the games based on the following aspects:

  • Release Date
  • Graphics and Physics
  • Device Compatibility
  • Level of realism
  • Variety of cars & tracks
  • Online multiplayer
  • Prices

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Release Date

Released back in March 2013, rFactor 2 is the “oldest” game as PC2 has been released 4 years later in September 2017.

That doesn’t mean much though since the RF2 developers at studio 397 have done a terrific job keeping up with updates and new track & car mods.

Graphics and Physics

In terms of graphics, both developers have done a phenomenal job as they keep getting better and better with each new update.

Some might say that PC2 has a slight edge due to the new technology which provides insanely accurate detail down to the stitching on a driver’s overalls.

However, most drivers that are into professional sim racing prefer by far rFactor 2 as they believe the graphics and car physics are way better, thanks to the tire model and laser scanned technology.

Graphics and Physics

I’m probably biased, sorry about that, but also based on my experience with professional simulators, Rf2 is just on another level of car physics as you can really feel the car grip, which to me you can’t in quite feel the same in PC2.

Device Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility, PC2 has got a wider selection as rFactor 2 is only available on Windows-based PCs through Steam.

Instead, Project Cars 2 works not only on PC, but also on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 making it way more accessible to console users.

Device Compatibility

As you can see though, neither one is compatible with PlayStation 5 which of course is quite frustrating for some people.

Level of realism

When it comes to realism, it’s a close battle though I have to give more credits to rFactor 2 for being more accurate and more realistic overall.

The main reason is that the game was designed from the beginning with professional driving physics in mind, while Project Cars 2 was more focused on the average player who wants to enjoy a good racing game.

Level of realism

That being said, PC2 has made some significant improvements in recent years and is slowly catching up to rFactor 2.

Variety of cars & tracks

With it 90 cars and 230+ circuits available, rFactor 2 has actually got a wider selection of content than PC2.

In fact, the Project Cars 2 gameplay only features 60 tracks locations as well as 189 cars to choose from.

Variety of cars & tracks

Of course, both games offer a variety of DLCs to add more content but that’s something you need to take into account when comparing the games.

Online Multiplayer

Again, when it comes to online racing, rFactor 2 is the clear winner as it’s way more professioanl than Project Cars 2.

The online multiplayer community is just huge with rFactor 2 and you’ll always find someone to race against.

Online Multiplayer

Despite Project Cars 2 being perhaps more popular in terms of raw audience, it’s nowhere near in terms of realism and professionalism as RF2. In fact drivers tend to be looking for some fun in arcade-style gameplay, rather than pure simulation.


Last but not least, pricing is something that definitely needs to be taken into

RF2 currently costs $31.99 whereas Project Cars 2 standard version costs $59.99.

Though if you purchased the Deluxe version it would cost $89.99 and all the extra DLC would add up to another $74.95 in a total of $164.94.

Now, it’s up to you to decide whether the extra content is worth the price difference or not.

Is rFactor 2 better than Project Cars 2?

Absolutely yes. RF2 has got more, content, better graphics & physics, as well as a more professional realistic gameplay. You can really feel the grip from the car while driving RF2 which you can’t do in Project Cars 2.

The developers at Studio 397 have done a really phenomenal job providing an accurate and realistic driving experience that is unrivaled by most other gracing ame on the market including Project Cars 2.

Hope that helped in your decision! Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

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