The Complete Automobilista 2 Car List

The Complete Automobilista 2 Car List
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
December 31, 2021

How many tracks are in Automobilista 2?

Automobilista 2 is backed by a strong community that simply loves racing in this particular racing software.

For us, one of the reasons why we keep coming back to Automobilista 2 is that they are constantly adding new tracks to race in.

Back in 2020, there were 26 modern race tracks and 9 historic tracks where racers could choose from. Now, the collection has evolved and sim racers can choose from a total of more than 70 race tracks including Modern tracks, historical tracks, and karting tracks.

Are tracks laser-scanned?  

Laser scanning is a modern technology that most simulation racing software relies on to replicate real-life racing tracks.

Are tracks laser-scanned?  

While it is true that laser scanning will not have a direct effect on your racing experience, it does play a huge part in making the experience more realistic, especially for racing enthusiasts around the world.

As mentioned above, Automobilista 2 offers different types of race tracks from modern race tracks, historical race tracks, and karting tracks.

Just like any other elite racing software, most of the existing real-life tracks in Automobilista 2 have been laser scanned.

The only tracks that are not laser scanned in this racing software are the historical race tracks.

What tracks are on Automobilista 2?

In the following, we have a complete list of all the different race tracks available in Automobilista 2.

What tracks are on Automobilista 2?

However, do expect more tracks to be released soon as Automobilista 2 is constantly developing its track collections.

Modern tracks:

  1. Adelaide
  2. Azure (Monaco)
  3. Bathurst
  4. Brands Hatch
  5. Brasilia
  6. Buskerud
  7. Cadwell Park
  8. Campo Grande
  9. Cascais
  10. Cascavel
  11. Curvelo
  12. Curitiba
  13. Daytona
  14. Donington
  15. Goiania
  16. Granja Viana
  17. Guapore
  18. Hockenheim
  19. Ibarra
  20. Imola
  21. Interlagos
  22. Jacarepagua
  23. Jerez
  24. Kansai
  25. Kyalami
  26. Laguna Seca
  27. Londrina
  28. Long Beach
  29. Montreal
  30. Nurburgring
  31. Ortona
  32. Oulton Park
  33. Santa Cruz Do Sul
  34. Silverstone
  35. Snetterton
  36. Spa Francorchamps
  37. Speedland
  38. Spielberg (Red Bull Ring)
  39. Taruma
  40. Velo Citta
  41. Velopark
  42. Virginia

Historic tracks:

  1. Adelaide 1988
  2. Hockenheimring (1977 – 1988 – 2001 Hockenheimring Pack DLC)
  3. Imola (1972 – 1988 – 2001)
  4. Interlagos 1976
  5. Interlagos Outer Historic External Ring
  6. Kyalami 1976
  7. Jacarepagua 1988 (including 2005, Oval, Sul, Stock Car Roval)
  8. Montreal 1988
  9. Monza 1991 (Monza Pack DLC)
  10. Silverstone 1975 “No chicane” layout”(Silverstone Pack DLC)
  11. Silverstone 1991 (Silverstone Pack DLC)
  12. Silverstone 2001 National, International (Silverstone Pack DLC)
  13. Spa-Francorchamps 1993 layout (Spa-Francorchamps Pack DLC)
  14. Speilberg 1974
  15. Spielberg 1977

Kart tracks:

  1. Buskerud (Fictional)
  2. Interlagos Kart Track
  3. Londrina Kart (One & two)
  4. Ortona Kart track
  5. Speedland

Stand Out Tracks

There are plenty of race tracks to choose from in Automobilista 2 and everyone does have their preference when it comes to the race tracks.

Stand Out Tracks

Regardless, here are some of the best tracks in Automobilista 2 that stands out from the rest:


Known as the “Green Hell” in the world of racing, Nurburgring is a legendary real-life race track located in Germany.

Across many sim racing software, this is one of the most popular tracks that most sim racers look for.

Not only because of its legendary status, but Nurburgring is also popular for its relentless corners which presents an enjoyable challenge for avid sim racers.

It is safe to say that Automobilista 2 has done a great job in replicating real-life racing tracks using laser scanning technology, but they did an exceptional job in this particular track

It’s a popular opinion amongst the sim racing community that Automobilista 2 has probably got the best version of Nurburgring compared to other racing software.


Located in Spain, Jerez is another popular race track that you can choose in Automobilista 2.

Since this particular track is also very popular amongst racing enthusiasts, it is only normal for racing software like Automobilista 2 to include Jerez in their race track collection.

Yes, Jerez is available in most modern racing software, but just like the case with Nurburgring, Automobilista 2 does have one of the most realistic replications of Jerez compared to the other racing software.

Buskerud (Fictional)

Automobilista 2 is one of the few racing software that has an excellent choice for karting tracks.

Buskerud (Fictional)

While there are real-life karting tracks such as Londrina and Interlagos, one of the most popular tracks within the software has to be Buskerud, a fictional karting track located in Norway.

All in all, Buskerud is a fantastic track where you can enjoy a scenic view with challenging turns which most sim racers find to be enjoyable, so it is worth a try whenever you are karting with Automobilista 2!


Depending on preference, some sim racers may opt to explore as many tracks as possible instead of racing with just a few tracks over and over again.

One of the tracks that we feel are worth exploring in Automobilista 2 is Kyalami, a race track located in Gauteng, South Africa.

Since Kyalami is an existing race track that is still constantly used for racing, you can expect the track itself to be laser scanned according to Automobilista 2 standard.

Once you are finished with the modern version, you can also try out the Kyalami 1976 version which is just as enjoyable to race in.

Spa Francorchamps

Spa Francorchamps is a race track located in Belgium that is super popular for its difficulty and challenging corners.

In the racing world itself, Spa Francorchamps has been hosting Grand Prix since 1925 and is still the current venue for Formula One Belgian Grand Prix.

Spa Francorchamps

One of the reasons why Spa Francorchamps is extremely difficult and dangerous to race in is because of its relatively long and fast layout.

After all, Spa Francorchamps is known as one of the fastest tracks in Europe.

This makes the pace of the race much faster, and even the smallest mistake could lead to fatal consequences.

However, do not worry because your safety is always guaranteed when you are racing with a simulation.

That is why this particular track is very popular amongst sim racers around the world, especially in Automobilista 2.

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