iRacing Keyboard Shortcuts List

Looking for a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for iRacing?

As you can imagine, having all the keyboard controls at your fingertips can help you spend way less time searching them in the menu and be more effective on track.

Below we’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the keyboard shortcuts currently in iRacing, which we’ll continue to update as they might change in the future.

iRacing Complete Keyboard Shortcuts List

Here’s a complete list of all the iRacing keyboard controls that you’ll need to know about:

Black Box Shortcuts

  • TAB = Splits/Delta
  • F1 = Lap Timning
  • F2 = Standings
  • F3 = Relative
  • F4 = Fuel stats
  • F5 = Tires
  • F6 = Tire info
  • F7 = In-pit Adjustments
  • F8 = In-car Adjustments
  • F9 = Mirror Adjust
  • HOME = Reset the Currently Selected Control
  • Down Arrow = Select Previous Control
  • Right Arrow = Increment Selected Control
  • Left Arrow = Decrement Selected Control
  • Space = Toggle Selected Control

Control assignments

  • S = Starter
  • Shift+R = Enter/Exit/Tow Car

Look left & right

  • Z = Look Left
  • X = Look Right

Other controls

  • T = Text Chat
  • / [num] = Whisper or Selective chat
  • /r [message] = Respond to Last Private Message


  • [ = Increase FOV
  • ] = Decrease FOV

Driving and camera view

  • Shift+[ = Increase Driving View(VanishY)
  • Shift+] = Decrease Driving View(VanishY)

Display settings

  • P = Speed/Gear/Pedals Display
  • F = FPS/Network Display
  • V = Camera View
  • C = Change Driver

UI Settings

  • Ctrl+PageUp = Increase UI
  • Crtl+PageDown = Decrease UI

As you can see, there’s a ton of keyboard shortcuts in iRacing which can be used to quickly access different features and options.

One final tip: double-check your speed limiter control, and if it’s not set correctly, don’t forget to map it to 80km/h with the appropriate button on the steering to avoid receiving a penalty for speeding in the pits.

Hope that was helpful, see you soon on track! 🙂

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