iRacing G29/G920 Wheel & FFB Settings

Looking for the most realistic and efficient G29 settings for iRacing?

As you can imagine, having the best wheel and FFB settings for your G29/G920 will give you a huge competitive advantage to those drivers running on the default version.

As you’ll see we will need to be perfect in terms of wheel rotation, wheel force steering sensitivity, FFB strength, damping and many other sets to get the perfect mix.

Once everything will be complete you’ll be then ready to take on the competition with your G29/G920 and win some online races relatively soon.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Logitech G29 settings

Before heading to our iRacing wheel settings for the G29, we’ll first have to head over to the Logitech software dashboard where we’ll need to tune our wheel accordingly:

  • Sensitivity = 50
  • Operating range = 900
  • Centering spring in force feedback games = Checked
  • Centering spring strength = 10

Logitec G29 wheel settings

iRacing G29/G920 FFB settings

Here’s the complete list of in-game settings you’ll need to follow to get your G29 configured properly for iRacing:

Force Feedback (FFB)

  • Enable Force Feedback = Checked
  • Use Linear Mode = Unchecked
  • Reduce Force When Parked = Checked
  • Strength = 20.0
  • Wheel Force = 1.0 Nm
  • Damping = 0%
  • Minimum Force = 1.0%

iRacing G29 FFB settings

Can you be fast in iRacing with a G29?

Yes, of course you can be fast with a G29 as long as you get the right FFB settings and then spend lots of time practicing witht them.

Make sure you also have your G29 software dashboard configured properly as this will also make a difference in how your wheel feels while driving.


So here were our recommended Logitech G29/G920 settings for iRacing.

Make sure you spend some time practicing with these settings to get a feel for how your car behaves and then make any necessary adjustments until you’re happy with the results.

Once you have everything configured properly, you should be able to compete with the best drivers and even win some races.

Good luck and see you on track!

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