F1 2020 Keyboard Controls Settings

Looking for the best keyboard controls to race in Formula 1 2021?

As you can imagine having the most accurate F1 2020 keyboard controls could make a very big difference to your lap times and overall performance.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to research and test all the different settings and variations so that we could then share with you our recommended keyboard controls.

So if you’re really serious about getting the most out of F1 2020, then make sure you check out our recommended keyboard controls below.

Can you play F1 2020 with a keyboard?

Yes, you can play F1 2020 with a keyboard but you’ll need to set your controls properly to avoid losing precious time with your driving.

As you’ll see below we’ve prepared for you two different variations that you can try and see what feels best for you.

Is F1 2020 good with a keyboard?

Yes, it is. Even though a keyboard may not be as fast as playing on a controller or using a steering wheel, you can still get some pretty fast lap times if only you use the right settings.

The best way to find out is to experiment with different controls until you find the right ones for your driving style.

What assists should I use for racing F1 2021 with a keyboard?

Assists can help you massively when using a keyboard and here are the ones we recommend you use:

  • Gear Shift = Automatic
  • Braking Assist = Medium
  • Traction Control = Full

We generally suggest setting the gear shift to automatic since you won’t really have the time to shift properly when playing with a keyboard.

Having said that you could always change to manual and use “Q” and “E” for shifting up and down respectively.

What are the best keyboard controls for F1 2021?

Here are our recommended keyboard controls for F1 2021:

  • Throttle = A
  • Brake/Reverse = Z
  • Steer left = ,
  • Steer right = .
  • DRS = W
  • ERS = Q
  • Clutch = Shift
  • Look straight back = 2

Alternative controls settings (Arrows)

  • Throttle = Arrow Up
  • Brake/Reverse = Arrow Down
  • Steer left = Arrow Left
  • Steer right = Arrow Right
  • DRS = W
  • ERS = Q
  • Look straight back = 2
  • Switch camera view = TAB

As you can see the “Arrow” configuration is another very good option and you’ll be able to use it just as well as the first one.

It’s really up to you which one you choose in the end and it all comes down to preference.

We suggest giving them a try for a few laps and then seeing which one feels better for you.


So here were our recommended keyboard controls for F1 2021.

We really hope this guide will help you take your driving to the next level.

Remember that practice makes perfect and the only way to get better is by playing the game as much as possible.

So make sure you put in the hours and if you do, we’re confident you’ll see a big improvement in your results.

Good luck!

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