F1 2020 Logitech Wheel Settings (G29 & G920)

Looking for the best Logitech wheel settings for F1 2020? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve tested all the best Logitech wheels for F1 2020 to find the perfect settings for the G29 & G920.

F1 2020 Logitech Wheel SettingsAs you can imagine having proper wheel settings will make a pretty big difference to your drivng and overall performance.

You’ll be able to be more precise with your steering inputs and also make fewer mistakes.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to research, test and share with you the most optimal Logitech wheel settings for F1 2020.

So be sure to check out our guide, and start racing like a Pro!

Logitech G29/G920 general wheel settings

The first step to get the best F1 2020 wheel settings will require you to adjust the G29 and G920 wheels from the Logitech software dashboard.

That’s because the default settings are often not a great fit for he game, and can cause your car to react in a suboptimal way.

The process is pretty simple and here are our recommended settings:

  • Operating range = 900
  • Sensitivity = 50
  • Centering spring strength = 20

Pedals sensitivity

  • Clutch = 50
  • Brake = 50
  • Accelleration = 50
  • Combined pedals = No

Now that we’ve configured our G29/G920 wheel, let’s move on to the in-game F1 2020 settings.

Logitech F1 2020 Calibration settings

Listed below you can find our recommended G29 and G920 calibration settings within F1 2020.

These are a great starting point used by most sim racers to get you up and running, but feel free to experiment and tailor them to your own driving style.

  • Steering deadzone = 0
  • Steering linearity = 0
  • Steering saturation = 0
  • Throttle deadzone = 0
  • Throttle linearity = 0
  • Throttle saturation = 0
  • Brake deadzone = 0
  • Brake linearity = 0
  • Brake saturation = 0

Vibration and Force Feedback settings

Let’s now have a look at the powerful combination of vibration and force feedback that the Logitech G29 and G929 deliver in F1 2020.

The best Logitech force feedback settings for F1 2020 are:

  • Vibration & force feedback = On
  • Vibration & force feedback Strength = 60
  • On track effects = 20
  • Rumble strip effects = 25
  • Off track effects = 20
  • Wheel damper = 5
  • Understeer enhance = Off
  • Maximum Wheel Rotation = 300°

So as you can see we’ve decided to set all the deadzones and linearity levels to zero as it will allow you to receive the most precise information from the steering wheel.

Logitech F1 2020 Vibration and Force Feedback settings

And we’ve also gone for a setting that provides a moderate amount of vibration and force feedback, but nothing too overpowering.

So be sure to give our recommended F1 2020 wheel settings a try when you next hop into the cockpit!


So here were our recommended Logitech wheel settings for F1 2020.

We hope you found them useful and that they help you to improve your performance and results behind the wheel.

Remember that these are just a starting point, so feel free to experiment and see which settings work best for you.

And also be sure to check out our other guides, where we’ll be sharing more tips and tricks to help you become a better sim racer.

Good luck and we’ll see you on track! 🙂

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