F1 2020 VR Settings Using VorpX

F1 2020 VR
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
May 3, 2022

Looking for the most realistic VR settings for F1 2020?

As you can imagine, being able to race in VR will give you a very different experience from what you are used to as we’re not talking about just adjusting the field of view, or enabling/disabling head tracking and so forth.

F1 2020 Graphics VR Settings

You’ll be able to truly immerse yourself into the world of Formula 1 with all its sights, sounds, and environmental features.

But since the official F1 game doesn’t offer native VR support we will need to use the VorpX service which is very popular among sim racing and gaming in general.

You’ll be able to race in VR in no time but first we will need to follow a few steps.

Get VorpX VR

The first thing you’ll want to do is to get VorpX which costs around $40.

F1 2020 VorpX

After having purchased the license from their website, you’ll be now able to configure and run F1 2020 in virtual reality.

How do you change the VR settings in F1 2020?

In order to change the VR settings in F1 2020 we’ll first to go to “Settings” and then modify “Camera options” and “Graphics options“.

What are the best F1 2020 VR camera options settings?

Our recommended VR camera options settings in VR are:

  • Edit camera = Cockpit
  • Field of view = 1.00
  • Offset: lateral = 0.00
  • Offset: horizontal = 0.00
  • Offset: vertical = 0.00
  • Angle = 0.00
  • Near clip plane = 0.00
  • Camera shake = 0.0%
  • Camera movement = 0.0%
  • Look to apex limit = 0.0°
  • Head tracking with tracklr = On
  • Halo column = On

F1 2020 VR

What are the best F1 2020 VR graphics options settings?

  • Gamma adjustment = 1.00
  • Motion blur strength = 0%
  • Steering animation = On

F1 2020 VorpX VR Settings

What are the best F1 2020 VR Video mode settings?

  • Display Adapter = Nvidia GeForce RTX
  • Resolution = 1920 x 1440
  • Refresh rate = Auto
  • Display mode = Windowed
  • Aspect ratio = 4:3
  • VSync = Off
  • Frame rate limit = Off
  • Maximum FPS = 120
  • Output monitor = 1
  • Anti-aliasing = TAA checkerboard
  • Dynamic resolution = On
  • Dynamic resolution target FPS = 60
  • Dynamic resolution profile = Balanced
  • Dynamic resolution minimum scale = 50
  • Anisotropic filtering = 2x
  • HDR = Off

F1 2020 advanced VR settings

Is F1 2020 VR good with VorpX?

Yes, F1 2020 feels very realistic when driving in VorpX VR. You’ll be able to feel just like being in a real F1 cockpit and driving a Formula 1 car.

It’s such an immersive experience that you’ll find yourself forgetting about the real world and just getting into a zone for hours on end.

Despite coming at a $40 price tag, we think it’s definitely worth it for the level of immersion and realism that you get in return.

In fact wheter you’re a fan of sim racing, VorpX VR is definitely worth checking out if you want to take your F1 2020 VR experience to the next level.


So here were our recommended settings for the most realistic F1 2020 VR experience using VorpX.

Do keep in mind that these settings are just our personal recommendations and you might need to experiment a bit to find what works best for you.

But we hope that this guide will help you get started on the right foot and enjoy racing in VR.

Happy F1 racing! 🙂

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