Best Nascar Heat 5 Logitech Wheel Settings (G29 & G920)

Best Nascar Heat 5 Logitech Wheel Settings (G29 & G920)

Looking for the best and most realistic Logitech wheel settings for Nascar Heat 5?

If you’re using a Logitech G29 or G920 steering wheel, these settings will probably give you the most realistic and immersive driving experience possible in Nascar Heat 5.

NH5 wheel settings

Having the proper FFB settings will make a huge difference to your lap time performance, especially giving you more precision and consistency.

With that, you’ll then be able to do fewer mistakes and win more races. 😉

How do you change the Logitech FFB settings in Nascar Heat 5?

In order to change the FFB for your Logitech, you’ll first want to head to “Settings”, then scroll right to “Player 1 control” and then select “Steering wheel”.

nascar heat 5 Logitech settings

The fits thing it will ask you to do is to set the wheel angle of rotation and you should set it at 900° both for the G29 and G920.

Logitech G29 & G920 wheel calibration

Before heading to the in-game Nascar Heat 5 wheel settings, we’ll first have to make sure that the calibration is set properly through the Logitech software dashboard.

G29 wheel settings

Here’s what you’ll need to set:

  • Operating range = 900
  • Sensitivity = 50
  • Centering spring strength = 20

Pedals sensitivity

  • Clutch = 50
  • Brake = 50
  • Accelleration = 50
  • Combined pedals = No

Now that we’ve done that we’re finally able to move on to the in-game settings themselves.

What are the best Logitech wheel settings for Nascar Heat 5 (G29& G920)?

Our recommended Logitech FFB settings for NH5 are:


  • Shift type = Paddle
  • Clutch w/Stick shift = Off

Force Feedback

  • Effect strength = Maximum (To the right)
  • Impact effect = On


  • Steering = Zero (To the left)
  • Throttle = Zero (To the left)
  • Brake = Zero (To the left)
  • Clutch = Zero (To the left)

nascar heat 5 g29 & G920 settings


  • Steering range = Maximum (To the right)
  • Steering sensitivity = Medium (In the middle)
  • Brake sensitivity = Zero (To the left)
  • Throttle sensitivity = Zero (To the left)

So as you can see we’ll want to have the least amount of deadzone and sensitivity levels since we want to be as precise as possible with our steering, without being too sensible on our inputs.

We’ve also turned on the impact effects as this will help you feel the bumps and hits on the track, making it more immersive.

Finally, we have the force feedback set to maximum strength so that you can really feel the car while you’re driving.

This value really comes down to preference though and so you should experiment with it to see what you like the most.


So here were our recommended Logitech settings for Nascar Heat 5.

If you’re looking for the best and most realistic Logitech wheel settings, then look no further.

These settings will give you the most immersive and realistic driving experience possible.

Good luck and we’ll see you on track! 🙂

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