Nascar Heat 5 Fanatec CSL DD Wheel Settings

Nascar Heat 5 Fanatec CSL DD Wheel Settings

Looking for the best Nascar Heat 5 Fanatec settings to improve your lap times?

Sim racing drivers know how important it is to have the right wheel settings.

The right settings can really make the difference between mediocre and legendary lap times.

That’s why so many drivers spend hours tinkering with their wheel settings, trying to find that perfect balance.

As you’ll see wit these settings you should be able to shave valuable tenths off your lap times and take your rankings to the next level.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Is the Fanatec CSL DD compatible with Nascar Heat 5

Yes, the Fanatec CSL DD is compatible with Nascar Heat 5 both on PC and Xbox One.

Unfortunately for Playstation users though, the CSL DD is not compatible with either PS4 or PS5 so you’d have to stick with PC or Xbox One while playing Nascar Heat 5.

Fanatec CSL tuning menu Settings

Before proceeding to the NH5 wheel settings we’ll first have to head over to the Fanatec dashboard and make sure the “Tuning menu” settings are set properly.

Fanatec CSL DD FFB settings

Recommended Tuning Menu Settings:

  • SEN = 1080°
  • FF = 100%
  • FFS = Peak
  • NDP = 25%
  • NFR = Off
  • NIN = 3
  • INT = 4
  • FEI = 100%
  • FOR = 100%
  • SPR = 100%
  • DPR = 50%
  • BLI = Driver’s Preference
  • SHO = 100%
  • BRF = Driver’s Preference

These will give you great confidence in your CSL DD when we’ll then head over to the in-game Nascar Heat 5 wheel settings for the Fanatec.

NASCAR Heat 5 Fanatec CSL DD Settings

Now that our Fanatec is ready let’s start changing the in-game wheel settings to suit.

Those will include “Force Feedback”, “Deadzone” and “Sensitivity” since each of these will be responsible for different aspects of the wheel.


  • Shift Type = Paddle
  • Clutch with stick shift = Off

Fanatec CSL DD NH5 settings

Force Feedback

  • Effect Strength = Medium-Low (To the left)
  • Impact Effects = On
  • Centering Springs = On


  • Steering = Zero (All to the left)


  • Steering Range = 70% (Medium-High)
  • Steering sensitivity = 60% (Medium-High)
  • Brake sensitivity = Zero (Medium)
  • Throttle sensitivity = 30% (Medium-Low)

Is the CSL DD good for Nascar Heat 5?

The Fanatec CSL DD is a great wheel for Nascar Heat 5 and will offer you great performance.

Its wheelbase has got some incredible mechanics that allow you to feel every nuance of the car you’re driving.

It makes you feel like driving a real Nascar since the Force Feedback response is just incredible and it basically allows you to feel every bump on the road.

General Fanatec CSL DD tips for NH5

So as you can see, we’ve set our Fanatec to have a quite low FFB strength effect since we want to be able to feel the car but we don’t want the wheel to be overly difficult to control.

The deadzone has been set to 0 since we want to have the most precise steering possible and we don’t want any deadzone whatsoever.

The sensitivity has been set quite high instead, since we want to have a more precise control over the car.

However, you can of course adjust those settings to your own liking and needs since each driver is different.

All in all, the Fanatec CSL DD is a great wheel for Nascar Heat 5 and will offer you some great results on tracks.


So here were our recommended Nascar Heat 5 Fanatec settings.

Of course, you can always adjust them to your own liking and needs but those should give you a great starting point.

We hope you found this guide helpful and that it will help you take your Nascar Heat 5 game to the next level.

Until next time, good luck with your racese! 🙂

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