F1 2021 Game Driver Ratings & Stats [2022 Update]

Hamilton vs verstappen F1 2021 game driver rating
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
April 7, 2022

Looking for the 2022 updated driver ratings to pick the best driver in your next F1 2021 race?

Since the release of F1 2021, the game has been a big hit among sim racing drivers from all over the world.

The popularity of F1 2021 has also led to some intense competition among drivers, as they all strive to get the best rating and stats possible.

In this quick guide, we’ll take a look at how the ratings have changed since last year’s game, as well as some of the 2022 updated stats from this year’s game.

What factors affect the F1 2021 game driver rating?

There are four main factors that affect the overall F1 game driver rating: Experience, Racecraft, Awareness and ultimately Pace. Each of these factors are then calculated with a weighted average to give each driver their overall game rating.


This is probably one of the most important factor when it comes to the driver rating. The more experience a driver has, the higher their rating will be.


This is how well a driver can handle their battles during races. This is mainly affected by the driver’s ability to make clean overtakes and avoid accidents.


This is how well a driver can anticipate and react to events that happen during a race. This includes things like making the right strategic decisions and reacting to safety car periods.


This is simply how fast a driver is in terms of pure lap time performance. This is affected by many things, such as car setup, tyre compound and of course, the driver’s own skill level.

So those are the four main factors that affect the F1 game driver rating. Now let’s take a look at the 2022 updated stats from this year’s game.

What are the 2022 updated driver ratings?

Driver Experience Racecraft Awareness Pace Rating
Lewis Hamilton 94 94 85 98 94
Max Verstappen 72 96 82 99 93
Valtteri Bottas 78 90 93 91 90
Sergio Perez 83 88 81 88 86
Charles Leclerc 65 91 89 90 89
Carlos Sainz 72 92 96 87 89
Sebastian Vettel 93 93 88 88 89
Lance Stroll 65 92 80 81 82
Daniel Ricciardo 82 94 93 85 89
Lando Norris 63 92 86 93 89
Fernando Alonso 99 91 86 89 89
Esteban Ocon 63 95 86 79 83
Pierre Gasly 62 92 88 91 89
Yuki Tsunoda 53 81 78 78 77
Kimi Raikkonen 99 90 81 86 87
Antonio Giovinazzi 58 84 80 82 81
Mick Schumacher 54 67 89 85 80
Nikita Mazepin 54 65 78 65 67
George Russell 63 75 86 84 81
Nicholas Latifi 59 73 79 70 72

Hamilton 94 – Verstappen 93

The first thing that’s quite interesting is that despite Lewis Hamilton still sitting on top of the overall driver rating standings, the gap between his biggest rival, Max Verstappen, has shrunk from 94 vs 91 of 2021 to 94 vs 93 of 2022.

Hamilton vs verstappen F1 2021 game driver rating

That’s quite a big shift considering that many thought that Lewis Hamilton’s 2021 second half of the season could have kept him with the same or even bigger rating gap.

On the other hand, with the fabulous championship title in the very last lap of Abu Dhabi has granted Max the rating improvement in terms of pace and racecraft to get him to 93, very close to Hamilton’s 94.

Sain 89 – Leclerc 89

In the list of the updated driver ratings for 2022, the two Ferrari drivers have exactly matched each other’s overall driver ratings.

Sainz vs Leclerc F1 2021 game driver rating

Both of them improved in terms of pace, racecraft and awareness thus bringing the overall rating to a whopping 89

Despite that improvement, I’m sure they’re eager to close the gap from Hamilton and Max in the current 2022 season, especially after having seen the new Ferrari performing very well on track collecting podiums in the first couple of races.


So here were the 2022 updated driver ratings and stats from this year’s F1 game. As you can see, there has been some interesting changes, with Hamilton and Verstappen still leading the pack and Ferrari drivers closing the gap.

It will be interesting to see how these ratings change over the course of this year’s season as the competition between the drivers gets even more intense.

Stay tuned for more updates and guides!

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