F1 2021 Online Multiplayer Ranking System Explained

As a sim racing driver, one of the most important things you care about is your ranking.

Your ranking determines which races you can compete in, and ultimately how much prize you can earn.

But what does the rankings system look like in F1 2021? And how can you improve your ranking?

F1 2021 Online Multiplayer Ranking System

In this quick guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the F1 2021 online multiplayer ranking system.

What are the 4 different ranks in F1 2021?

From lowest to highest they are: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Master.

Each rank requires you to collect three stars before reaching the next level. That means you need a total of 12 stars to reach the Master rank.

You earn stars by taking part in races, scoring fastest laps, avoiding collisions and winning online races.

Why is there a driver ranking system in F1 2021?

The four different ranks provide a clear progression system that allows drivers to track their progress and measure their skills against their peers.

By providing a clear path to follow, the ranking system motivates drivers to improve their abilities and push themselves to become the best sim racer they can be.

How can I check my rank in F1 2021?

You can check your current rank by going to the Online menu and selecting Profile. That will then show you your current licence stats, including your Driver Rating, which reflects your performance in online multiplayer races.

How do you improve your safety rating in F1 2021?

You usually improve your F1 2021 safety rating by:

  • Avoid collisions with other drivers as much as possible
  • Finishing races
  • Scoring victories and podiums
  • Scoring fastest laps

As you can see, the most difficult part is probably staying away from crashes altogether in the carnage of online multiplayer races.

That’s why you should not attempt crazy overtaking moves or defend your position too aggressively against faster drivers.

Just focus on clean driving and the results will follow.


So here weer the 4 different ranks in F1 2021 and how the ranking system works.

By following the tips in this blog post, you should be well on your way to climbing the ranks and becoming a master sim racer.

Keep practicing and soon you’ll be challenging for those top spot!

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