F1 2021 Game Weather Guide

Looking to get an edge on the competition in F1 2021? Here’s a guide to help you understand how weather can impact your races and how to change the weather options accordingly.

When it comes to F1 2021, the weather can have a big impact on how your race unfolds.

If you’re not familiar with how the game’s weather system works, or if you want to know how to change the weather options to suit your preferences, this guide will help get you up to speed.

Being able to predict and react to the weather is a key skill in real-life motorsport, and it’s just as important in F1 2021.

f1 2021 weather

Moreover, as you will see, longer races tend to stretch out the transition from wet to dry (and vice versa) way faster than shorter races.

F1 2021 weather settings explained

Let’s now have a look at the various weather settings that you can play with before starting your race.

F1 2021 Game Weather options

Each of these settings will impact the weather conditions that you’ll encounter during your race.

Quick weather = Dynamic

You can select an option to specify a weather type for the whole weekend, or select dynamic to randomize it entirely.

That includes Dynamic, Clear (Dry), Light Cloud (Dry), Overcast (Dry), Overcast (Wet), and Overcast (Very Wet).

The default is set to “dynamic“. but you can change that according to your needs and preference.

Customise weather

You can select this option to set up a unique weather condition for each session throughout the weekend.

For example, you can set to be sunny on free practice, to rain on Qualifying and to be sunny again during the Race.

That’s quite cool since it gives you the opportunity to test out different driving conditions so that you can become a better driver overall.

Session start Time = Realistic

You can select a time of day for the entire weekend to start the Qualifying and race. This specific option includes Realistic, Random, Sunrise, Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Sunset, Dusk, Midnight, and Dawn.

The default setting is set to “Realistic” but you can change it to any of the other options above.

Customise session start time

This setting allows you to select the custom time of day and time progression speed for each session on a weekend. It means that you can set the qualifying to start at sunset and the race to start at dusk, for example.

Why does the track dry out so quickly in F1 2021?

The wet to dry time transition depends on the race length: the shorter the races, the fewer laps it will take to go from a wet to a dry circuit and vice versa.

So if you’ve noticed that the transition to dry takes very little, it’s probably due to the fact that you’re playing a shorter race distance.

F1 2021 game wet weather

For instance on a 25% – a 50% race it would take around 3 laps to dry out completely, whereas on a full length race it would take 6.

In that case it’s pretty difficult to see a slow transition with a single dry racing line appearing, as it’s more likely that the whole track will be dry by the time you complete those 3 to 6 laps.


So here were some tips to help you better understand how weather works in F1 2021 and how you can change the settings to suit your needs.

With a little practice, you’ll be able to use the weather to your advantage and take your racing skills to the next level.

Hope that was helpful, see you on track! 🙂

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