Gran Turismo 7 Controller Settings

Are you looking for the best Gran Turismo 7 controller settings?

As you can imagine having the best controller settings will allow you to not only be more precise with your steering inputs but also do far gewer mistakes while driving.

The problem is, though, that with so many settings you’ll often struggle to find a setup that suits you once you get started.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to research and test different variations and share with you our recommended settings.

What are the best Gran Turismo 7 controller settings?

The best controller settings for Gran Turismo 7 are the ones that will give you the least amount of deadzone while at the same time high precision with your driving.

That’s beacuse you’ll want to avoid having to overcompensate your inputs while also not making all the small adjustments that won’t make the car rotate.

Our recommended controller settings for Gran Turismo 7 are:

Controller settings

  • Button assign = Open
  • Controller steering sensitivity = 0
  • Force Feedback Max. Torque = 5
  • Force Feedback Sensitivity = 5

Xbox controller settings

  • Accelerate = RT
  • Brake = LT
  • Steer Left = Left Stick (Left)
  • Steer Right = Left Stick (Right)
  • Handbrake = B
  • Shift Up = A
  • Shift Down = X
  • Respawn = Y
  • Headlights On/Off = RB
  • Wipers On/Off = LB
  • Next View = Left Pad (Up)
  • Previous View = Left Pad (Down)
  • Rear View = RS
  • Pan Camera (Horizontal) = Right Stick (Left/Right)
  • Pan Camera (Vertical)= Right Stick (Up/Down)

Playstation controller settings

  • Accelerate = R2
  • Brake = L2
  • Steer Left = Left Analog Stick (Left)
  • Steer Right = Left Analog Stick (Right)
  • Handbrake =Circle
  • Shift Up = X
  • Shift Down = Square
  • Respawn =Triangle
  • Headlights On/Off =R1
  • Wipers On/Off = L1
  • Next View =Left Pad (Up)
  • Previous View = Left Pad (Down)
  • Rear View =Right Analog Stick
  • Pan Camera (Horizontal) = Right Analog Stick (Left/Right)
  • Pan Camera (Vertical) = Right Analog Stick (Up/Down)

General Gran Turismo 7 controller settings tips

So as you can see, the best controller settings include a low steering sensitivity with a medium force feedback.

It’s also worth noting that you should experiment with the force feedback settings to find a balance that suits you.

And finally, make sure to adjust the camera views to your liking as this will have a big impact on how you drive.

These Xbox and Playstation controller settings should give you a great starting point for your journey in Gran Turismo 7.


So here were our recommended GT7 controller settings.

We hope you found this helpful and that you’ll be able to fine-tune your own setup to perfection.

As always, happy sim racing!

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