BWP Driver Ratings: Everything You Need To Know In ACC

Have you been wondering what the BWP driver ratings were on Assetto Corsa Competizione?

Well, here’s everything you need to know about BWP in the ACC.

As you will see having an understanding of how the BWP works will give you more awareness and a competitive edge over your competitors in online races.

What is BWP in ACC?

BWP in ACC stands for “Behavioural Warning Points” and that is exactly what they are, points that the game awards you or deducts from you based on your behaviour on track during online races.

It’s actually quite similar to the iRating/safety rating from iRacing.

They’ve introduced this sytem to prevent people from driving recklessly and ruining the races for others.

So having a driver’s rating they’ll be more mindful about their driving and race craft during online races.

How are BWP calculated?

The game looks at a variety of different factors when calculating your BWP. including pace, consistency, safety, and racecraft.

It will then show these values in a range from 0 to 99. The higher the score, the better you are and a few aliens can even score above 90 – 95 for most values.

These BWP factors include things like:

  • How often you crash with other cars
  • How often you get penalties
  • How consistent you are
  • How good is your race craft
  • How well you’re able to control and drive the car on the limit

The system was designed to encourage clean and fair driving, as well as to give some insight into how the stewards might view any incidents that occur during a race.

What do PC, CN, RC, SA, CC mean in ACC?

Behavioral Warning Points are awarded in ACC for things like:

PC = Pace

True “pace” is achieved by improving your overall performance and final results, including pole positions, podiums, victories and fastest laps.

SA – Safety

SA is a Rating based on your safety and trust. It looks at how often you are involved in accidents, how much you dangerously block other drivers and if you respect the flags.

CC – CarControl

CC shows your ability to drive the car to its limit. The faster and the more you can control your car, the higher this rating will be.

CN – Consistency

CN will be affected by how consistent your results are in terms of lap times and race finishes. It looks at how often you’re able to score good results as well as consecutive fast lap times.

RC – Racecraft

RC is essentially your ability to keep up with other drivers and how easily you can overtake them. The faster you are at overtaking and the more drivers you overtake in a race, the higher this rating will be.


So here was everything you needed to know about the BWP in Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Understanding how the system works and what it means will give you a better awareness of the game algorithm and thus a competitive edge over your opponents.

Just remember to drive on the limit and avoid unncessary penalties and you’ll be racking up those points in no time!

Hope that helped, see you on track. 🙂

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