ACC Multiplayer Guide: Public, Private & Competition Servers

Looking to jump into the Multiplayer action in Assetto Corsa Competizione?

Here’s everything you need to know about the different types of servers you can join in ACC, so that you can join the best online races and leagues out there.

How does multiplayer work in Assetto Corsa Competizione?

ACC offers three different types of Multiplayer racing options: Public Multiplayer, Competition Servers, and private multiplayer leagues.

What are ACC Public Multiplayer servers?

Public multiplayer is open to anyone and features a variety of tracks and cars to choose from. Competition servers are operated by the ACC community or directly by Kunos

In addition to that, they offer a more structured racing environment with dedicated servers and pro settings despite having less customization options than the private and competition servers.

To quickly find servers that suit your preferences and skills, you can either use the Quick Join functionality or select a server from the “Servers List” page.

What are ACC Competition servers?

Competition servers offer a multiplayer competitive experience in ACC, with very serious settings and fairly races (1H+).

That’s great news for anyone looking to take their online races to the next level in terms of professionalism.

The corresponding Competition Rating will track your progress and define the Splits in which you can compete on those servers but remember that the driver’s rating requirements are pretty high to join.

What are ACC Private Multiplayer servers?

The ACC private multiplayer leagues include servers that are password protected and where the server operator can make set some complex settings.

They can even allow the use of Driver Swaps and other adjusted rules even extending the cars limit to over 30.

If you want to join any of these, please find out which rules apply after searching in the server list by entering a name in the “Search for server by name” field.

How can I add a friend on online multiplayer in ACC?

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow in order to add a friend to your server in ACC:

  • Add your friend as a “Steam friend” (through Steam)
  • The ACC multiplayer lobby will say “Friend 1” in the server he is in
  • If you set it as a high priority in the matchmaking settings whichever server he should be by the top of the list

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