Are there classic cars in F1 2021?

There are a lot of great things about F1 2021.

The cars look amazing, and the new rules should make for some really exciting racing. But one thing that’s disappointing is that there are no classic cars in the game.

Why didn’t Codemasters include any of the old classics? Who knows, but it would be awesome to see them in an update or DLC pack.

f1 2021 no classic cars

Who wouldn’t want to take the Ferrari F2004 or the Benetton 194 around Spa-Francorchamps?!

Why are there  no classic cars in F1 2021?

We may never know the exact reason though what seems more likely is due to resources, both time and budget.

It’s now clear that classic cars are gone entirely in F1 2021, as are the short tack layouts of the historical venues, as well as the championships mode.

f1 2021 classic cars missing

Despite both games being built on the same foundations, it’s sad to see for F1 classic fans that the 2021 sequel hasn’t followed the 2020 predecessor.

It would have been the perfect opportunity to show off some classic cars from the “Golden years” of Formula 1.

What do you think about the lack of classic cars in F1 2021?

Do you think it’s a missed opportunity, or are you not bothered by it?

Remember that if you really wanted to race on those old classic beasts you’d just have to get the F1 2020 game and play on it.

It may be frustrating as you probably wanted to get the new F1 2021 pack but that’s the way it is.

Who knows, perhaps the F1 2022 or 2023 game might include some classic cars to make up for the lack of them in the 2021 game. We can only hope that.

Good luck with your F1 racing and we’ll see you on track! 😉

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