Best Assetto Corsa Wheel & FFB Settings To Win Races

Best Assetto Corsa Wheel & FFB Settings
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
March 29, 2022

If you’re looking to get the most out of Assetto Corsa, you need to configure your wheel and FFB settings correctly.

In this blog post, we’ll show you the best settings for your wheel and give you a few tips on how to improve your driving experience.

Best Assetto Corsa Wheel & FFB Settings

Setting your FFB properly will make a huge difference when it comes to how the car feels, how much information you can get from the wheel, and how easy it is to control the car.

Once the level of realism is high, it will be much easier for you to set fastest laps and win online races.

Mastering Force Feedback for Peak Performance in Assetto Corsa

In Assetto Corsa, mastering the force feedback (FFB) settings is crucial for a realistic and responsive driving experience.

FFB settings determine how your wheel reacts to various in-game scenarios, providing you with tactile feedback that mimics real-world driving conditions.

Mastering Force Feedback for Peak Performance in Assetto Corsa

By adjusting parameters like gain, filter, and effects, you can fine-tune how the wheel communicates road textures, tyre slip, and understeer, enhancing your ability to respond to the car’s behavior.

This guide will walk you through the nuances of FFB customization, ensuring that your Assetto Corsa experience is as close to real racing as it gets.

Most realistic Assetto Corsa FFB Settings

Here are the settings that we recommend for getting the most realistic force feedback in Assetto Corsa:

Most realistic Assetto Corsa FFB Settings

Force feedback

  • Gain = 100%
  • Filter = 0%
  • Minimum force = 0%
  • Kerb effects = 12%
  • Road effects = 10%
  • Slip effects = 9%
  • Enhanced understeer effect = checked

Optimizing Wheel Settings for Enhanced Control in Assetto Corsa

The wheel settings in Assetto Corsa are pivotal in achieving an authentic driving simulation.

These settings affect steering sensitivity, linearity, and overall control, directly impacting your performance on the track.

Optimizing Wheel Settings for Enhanced Control in Assetto Corsa

Adjusting gamma and speed sensitivity settings can provide a more linear and realistic steering response, crucial for navigating tight turns and high-speed straights.

This section will provide tips on optimizing your wheel settings, ensuring that your steering inputs are accurately reflected in the game, leading to a more controlled and satisfying driving experience.

Steering settings

  • Gamma = 1
  • Filter = 0
  • Speed sensitivity = 0

Pedal settings

  • Brake gamma = 1

How do you change Assetto Corsa FFB settings?

For you to change your FFB settings, you’ll want to:

  • Go to Assetto Corsa settings
  • Select “Wheel/ Custom” from the top bar
  • Select “Advanced” Options
  • You’ll now find the “Force Feedback” settings on the top left corner

As you can see it’s pretty simple and shouldn’t require you more than 2 minutes to complete the whole process.

General Assetto Corsa wheel setting tips

As you can see, we recommend quite high settings for the FFB gain as it will give you a strong force feedback, which will help you feel what the car is doing.

General Assetto Corsa wheel setting tips

We also recommend setting the kerb and road effects to around 10-12% so that you can feel them, but they’re not too overwhelming.

As for the steering settings, we recommend keeping the gamma at 1 and the speed sensitivity at 0.

This will give you a linear steering response, which is what you want for a realistic driving experience.

Advanced Pedal Adjustment for Precision Braking in Assetto Corsa

Pedal settings in Assetto Corsa, particularly brake gamma, play a significant role in how you manage braking and acceleration.

Proper adjustment of these settings allows for precise control over braking intensity, a critical factor in competitive racing.


Leveraging the Enhanced Understeer Effect for Realism in Assetto Corsa

The Enhanced Understeer Effect in Assetto Corsa is a game-changer for sim racers seeking a realistic driving experience.

This setting simulates the behavior of a car when it’s pushed to its limits, particularly during understeering scenarios.

Understanding and utilizing this effect can significantly enhance your ability to anticipate and react to car dynamics, making your driving more intuitive and lifelike.

In this section, we’ll explore how to leverage the Enhanced Understeer Effect to its full potential, ensuring that your Assetto Corsa races are as thrilling and authentic as possible.

General Assetto Corsa wheel setting tips

Finally, we recommend setting the brake gamma to 1 so that you can get a strong braking force without the pedal being too touchy.

If you find that your car is difficult to control with these settings, then you can lower the FFB gain until it feels right for you.


So, we’ve talked a lot about how to set up your racing wheel and make the game feel real in Assetto Corsa.

Remember, playing with these settings is like turning your game into a real race car experience. It’s super cool to change things like how the wheel feels and how the car reacts when you turn or brake.

If you try different settings, you can find what works best for you and makes racing the most fun.

Keep practicing and trying new things, and you’ll get better and faster on the race track!🏎️🎮

Assetto Corsa Wheel FFB Settings FAQ

What are the Best Force Feedback Settings for Assetto Corsa?

For a realistic driving experience, set Force Feedback Gain to 100%, Filter to 0%, Minimum Force to 0%, Kerb Effects to 12%, Road Effects to 10%, Slip Effects to 9%, and check the Enhanced Understeer Effect. These settings help simulate the real feel of the car, providing detailed feedback on different road surfaces and car behavior.

How Can I Adjust My Steering Settings in Assetto Corsa for a Realistic Experience?

For realistic steering, set Gamma to 1 and Speed Sensitivity to 0. This configuration ensures a linear steering response, closely mimicking the feel of actual driving.

What Should I Know About Pedal Settings in Assetto Corsa?

Set Brake Gamma to 1 for a strong and responsive braking experience without the pedal being overly sensitive. This setting allows for precise control over braking intensity, crucial for effective racing.

How Do I Change Force Feedback Settings in Assetto Corsa?

To change FFB settings, go to Assetto Corsa settings, select “Wheel/Custom” from the top bar, choose “Advanced” Options, and then adjust the “Force Feedback” settings found in the top left corner.

Can I Customize My Assetto Corsa Experience for Different Driving Styles?

Yes, you can customize settings like FFB gain, kerb, and road effects to match your driving style. If you find the car difficult to control, you can lower the FFB gain for a more manageable experience.

What Impact Does the Enhanced Understeer Effect Have in Assetto Corsa?

The Enhanced Understeer Effect simulates the behavior of a car pushing wide during understeering. Activating this setting provides a more realistic feel of the car’s response when pushed to its limits, enhancing the overall driving experience.

What is the Ideal FFB Setting for Beginners in Assetto Corsa?

For beginners, start with a lower Force Feedback Gain, around 70-80%, to get accustomed to the feedback without being overwhelmed. Gradually increase as you gain more control and confidence.

How Can I Make My Assetto Corsa Experience More Realistic?

Besides optimizing FFB and wheel settings, consider using a quality racing wheel and pedals. Adjust in-game graphics and audio settings to enhance immersion, and practice on different tracks to understand car dynamics.

Is it Necessary to Adjust Pedal Settings for Every Car in Assetto Corsa?

While a general setting works for most cars, fine-tuning pedal settings for specific cars can improve your control and adaptability to different car behaviors.

How Do Road and Kerb Effects Impact Driving in Assetto Corsa?

Road and Kerb effects in Assetto Corsa simulate the feel of different road textures and the impact of hitting curbs, providing a more immersive and realistic driving experience.

Can I Use Custom FFB Profiles in Assetto Corsa?

Yes, you can use custom FFB profiles created by the community or create your own to match your preference and driving style.

What is the Best Way to Learn and Master Tracks in Assetto Corsa?

Start by practicing in time trial mode, focus on learning one track at a time, and use ghost cars or race against AI to improve your lap times and racing lines.

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