Best ACC 1.9 Cars in Nurburgring To Win Online Races

Best ACC 1.9 Cars in Nurburgring To Win Online Races
Author Alessio Lorandi
Alessio Lorandi
November 7, 2023

Looking for the best ACC cars to dominate the Nurburgring and triumph in online races? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll explore the top contenders that will give you the edge on the track. Whether you’re a seasoned sim racer or just starting out, these cars are sure to deliver an exhilarating and rewarding racing experience.

Our first entry is the Ferrari 296 GT3, the fastest overall car in the V1.9 update of Assetto Corsa Competizione. With its all-new V6 engine, impeccable aerodynamic balance, and forgiving yet rewarding handling, this car has become a favorite among racers. Its impressive performance on the Nurburgring and other circuits makes it a force to be reckoned with.

Stay tuned as we delve into the other top contenders, including the BMW M4 GT3, Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO 2, Porsche 992 GT3 R, and Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO. Each car offers its own unique advantages and is ideal for different track conditions, ensuring a thrilling race no matter your preferences.

So buckle up and get ready to conquer the Nurburgring with the best ACC 1.9 cars available. Victory awaits!

BWM M4 GT3 – A Dependable Starter Car

The BMW M4 GT3 is an excellent choice for sim racing beginners looking to get started in ACC. With its well-balanced front-engine layout and reliable weight distribution, this car provides stability and predictability on the track. It may not have the same raw speed as some of the other cars in ACC, but it offers a solid and dependable performance that can help newcomers learn and improve their driving skills.

The BMW M4 GT3 is especially suited for online races in ACC, where consistency and control are key factors for success. Its forgiving handling model allows drivers to explore the limits of their abilities without feeling overwhelmed, making it an ideal choice for those who are still building their confidence on the track. While it may not be the fastest car in ACC 1.9, it offers a great starting point for aspiring sim racers to develop their racing techniques.

Whether you’re new to sim racing or simply looking for a reliable option for online races, the BMW M4 GT3 is a dependable and solid choice. Its stability and predictability make it an excellent starter car that can help you build a strong foundation for your racing journey in ACC 1.9. Get behind the wheel of this BMW and start honing your skills on the Nurburgring and other racing circuits.

Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO 2 – A Cornering Weapon

The Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO 2 is a formidable contender when it comes to tackling corners. With its sleek design, mid-engine configuration, and excellent aerodynamic efficiency, this car offers sim racers a thrilling driving experience. Whether it’s a tight hairpin or a sweeping bend, the Huracan GT3 EVO 2 maintains consistent performance, allowing drivers to push the limits with confidence.

This car’s predecessor was already renowned for its cornering abilities, and the EVO 2 version takes it to the next level. With precise handling and exceptional traction, the Huracan GT3 EVO 2 is a cornering weapon that can navigate even the most challenging turns with ease. It’s a car that rewards skillful driving and offers a unique sense of satisfaction as you push the boundaries of what’s possible on the Nurburgring and other tracks.

Unrivaled Precision and Stability

One of the standout features of the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO 2 is its unrivaled precision and stability. The mid-engine configuration provides optimal weight distribution, ensuring balanced performance through every corner. The chassis has been refined to deliver enhanced rigidity, allowing for sharper turn-in and precise control. This stability and agility make the Huracan GT3 EVO 2 a favorite among sim racers who prioritize accurate cornering and consistent lap times.

Additionally, the Huracan GT3 EVO 2 benefits from advanced aerodynamics, which further enhance its cornering capabilities. The sleek bodywork and carefully sculpted design create ample downforce, keeping the car firmly planted to the track surface. This downforce generates increased grip, allowing for higher entry speeds and improved exit acceleration, resulting in faster lap times and a competitive edge in online races.

Porsche 992 GT3 R – Ideal for Medium-Speed Tracks

The Porsche 992 GT3 R is a standout choice for sim racers who enjoy tackling medium-speed tracks. This car offers a unique driving experience with its rear-engine-flat-6 formula, delivering exceptional corner turn-in and power in a naturally aspirated manner.

One of the key strengths of the Porsche 992 GT3 R is its ability to excel on medium-speed circuits, where its performance truly shines. The car’s precise handling and agility allow for confident maneuvering through the corners, providing a thrilling and engaging driving experience. Whether it’s navigating sweeping bends or precision braking points, the Porsche 992 GT3 R proves to be a formidable contender on these types of tracks.

Sim racers looking to master the intricacies of medium-speed tracks will find the Porsche 992 GT3 R to be a fantastic choice. Its balanced dynamics, coupled with its powerful yet controllable engine, make it a reliable and capable car that can truly elevate your performance on these circuits. With the Porsche 992 GT3 R, you can confidently tackle the challenges presented by medium-speed tracks and aim for victory in online races.

Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO – A Dependable Performer on Low-Speed Tracks

The Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO is a reliable and consistent performer on low-speed tracks in ACC. With its turbocharged engine, this car delivers excellent power and acceleration, allowing drivers to navigate tight corners and slow-speed sections with ease. The GT3 EVO’s suspension setup provides stability and control, making it a dependable choice for sim racers looking to master the challenges of low-speed tracks.

One of the key strengths of the Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO is its ability to negotiate kerbs without unsettling the car. This allows drivers to maintain a smooth and composed driving style, maximizing their speed and minimizing time loss during cornering. The GT3 EVO’s aerodynamics also play a crucial role in ensuring optimal performance on low-speed tracks, providing downforce and stability through tight turns.

Dependability and Consistency

Sim racers who prefer low-speed tracks will appreciate the dependability and consistency of the Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO. Its balanced handling and predictable behavior make it easier to anticipate and react to challenging situations on the track. Whether you’re maneuvering through a series of hairpin bends or navigating technical sections with tight corners, the GT3 EVO will inspire confidence and allow you to push your limits.

While the Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO may not have the outright pace of some other cars in ACC, its reliability and performance on low-speed tracks make it a valuable asset in online races. It offers a smooth and enjoyable driving experience, allowing you to focus on perfecting your racing line and executing precise maneuvers. If you’re looking for a car that can consistently deliver solid results on low-speed tracks, the Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO should be your go-to choice.

The Fastest Overall Car in V1.9: Ferrari 296 GT3

The Ferrari 296 GT3 has emerged as the undisputed champion of the ACC 1.9 update, claiming the title of the fastest overall car. With its state-of-the-art V6 engine, this car delivers unparalleled power and performance on the Nurburgring and other circuits. The aerodynamic balance and forgiving handling model make it a joy to drive, and sim racers have quickly taken notice of its impressive capabilities.

When it comes to sheer speed and acceleration, the Ferrari 296 GT3 leaves its competition in the dust. Its advanced engine technology provides a stunning burst of power, allowing drivers to dominate the straights and gain a significant advantage. However, it’s not just raw speed that sets this car apart. The Ferrari 296 GT3 also demonstrates exceptional stability and control, making it a formidable contender in online races.

Unleashing the Ferrari 296 GT3 on the Nurburgring

One of the most iconic and challenging tracks in the world, the Nurburgring demands a car that can handle its twists, turns, and undulations with finesse. The Ferrari 296 GT3 rises to the occasion, showcasing its exceptional cornering abilities and precise handling dynamics. As sim racers take on the legendary Green Hell, they will find themselves in awe of the Ferrari’s ability to navigate every corner with confidence and precision.

Whether you’re a seasoned sim racing veteran or just starting on your virtual racing journey, the Ferrari 296 GT3 offers an unrivaled experience. Its combination of speed, stability, and handling make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to dominate the Nurburgring and emerge victorious in online races. Strap in, press the throttle, and prepare to experience the pinnacle of GT3 performance with the Ferrari 296 GT3.


In conclusion, the ACC 1.9 update has brought a range of exciting GT3 cars to enhance the sim racing experience on the Nurburgring and other tracks. With options available for every skill level, there is a car on this list of best ACC cars for Nurburgring that will suit your racing style.

For those looking to start their sim racing journey, the BMW M4 GT3 offers stability and predictability, making it a dependable choice. Beginners can learn and improve their driving skills confidently with this car.

For those who enjoy the thrill of cornering, the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO 2 is a true weapon. With its sleek design and excellent aerodynamic efficiency, it provides consistent performance through all types of corners on the Nurburgring.

And of course, the Ferrari 296 GT3 claims the title of the fastest overall car in V1.9 of ACC. Its all-new V6 engine, aerodynamic balance, and forgiving handling model make it a favorite among sim racers. Whether you prefer high-speed tracks, low-speed tracks, or medium-speed tracks, the best ACC cars for Nurburgring can propel you towards victory in online races.

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