F1 2019 Setups Database

Looking for the best setups for the F1 2019 game?

Sim racing drivers are always looking for an edge on the competition and one of the most crucial things is to have the best setups out there.

Being able to run the same setups that the PROs are using is a great way to improve your driving and ultimately your lap times.

Our F1 2019 Setups Database is a collection of setups from World Record laps from PRO drivers and so they’re 100% proven to make you faster on track.

You might just find the winning setup you’ve been searching for and start winning online races. 🙂

Free F1 2019 setup database

Here’s our list of the best car setups for F1 2020 for each track in the calendar:

As you can see, we’ve collected setups for all 21 tracks of the calendar available on the official f1 2019 game season.

So if you’re looking for an advantage over the competition, make sure you give these F1 2019 setups a try.


If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend trying out setups for classic F1 tracks like Monza, Silverstone and Spa Francorchamps.

These setups have been proven to work well, and they can definitely give you an edge over the competition.

Good luck and be sure to come back often, as we’ll be updating the database with new setups on a regular basis. 🙂

F1 setups database

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